The 3D account has the edge and the 3D wherewithal to go with it…What’s the most excellent way to watch Journey 2013: the Mysterious Island? With a room complete of kids it seems that. My wife and I looked following our dear friends’ six children one evening last week; which, with our son, means we had seven, counted, seven kids, ages three to nine, clamoring for — what else? — A movie.

It’s tricky choosing a film that can entertain a three-year old (for as long as they’re willing to stay in the room at least) and make a nine-year old feel as if he isn’t being stuck with a kiddies flick. This wasn’t the first time we’ve looked after this particular brood either, so we’ve had our fair share of failures and strike-outs.


But director Brad Peyton’s Journey 2? The much-improved, high-pitched clean follow-up to Eric Brevet’s Journey to the Center of the Earth amps up the adventure, soars above the clouds and dives beneath the seas, trots out everything from pint-sized elephants to enormous lizards, cranks up the relations welcoming comedy, wholeheartedly embraces its 3D presentation, and delivers a harmless but harrowing ball of all-ages amusing kids will devour.