Very few people know that films, dramas, plays, jingles and all sorts of modern entertainment are almost now following the exact principles of post-post-modern literary theories. According to Deconstruction which is also one of the post-post-modern literary and critique theory you must destroy the meaning in any sort of creation in order to reach the actual meaning. But the very act of deconstructing just performs an unending series of deconstruction and never reaches at a meaning which is ultimate ever.

Jim Carrey, one of the most famous actors of Hollywood is a very perfect example of deconstruction in film art. He really destroys the actual meaning of acting in an act then gives it some other frame to contain some other meanings. In classical post-modernism you simply crack the place of a so called modern frame. For example if you draw a box which is perfect and accurate that would be the classical way of drawing.

Now if you draw a box with perfect measures and sharp edges with modern tools that would be the modern way of drawing of its time. Again if you draw a box but you exaggerate it by pulling or tweaking its edges like a cartoon, now you have created a post-modern drawing. Finally if you destroy the meaning of a box from the drawing and draw something else then call it a box, you have now deconstructed the meaning of actual thing. You just destroyed it and then showed something else with the name of previous one. What you did is called post-post modernism.

Jim Carrey as Deconstructive Artist

Jim Carrey a Deconstructive Artist

Give a character to Jim Carrey, for example, ask him to become a King in a historical movie. What you should watch after shooting that there is no king there in Jim’s role. The person he just showed as king is not called king in common meaning. Jim just destroyed the meaning of the acting like a king. You know that how a King should look like in a historical movie. You know that a king is a ruler, a dictator, mostly an arrogant person who should pass commands and a stand still like a stone because he wants to be emotionless in front of his common populace. But what Jim Carrey would represent as a king is not the king in the meaning of real king.

He would wear some sort of weird costume and then he would jump down of his throne like a cat, maybe he put his finger in his nose before giving command to his ministers. You should hope that Jim even could pick a vacuum cleaner and put it on his head like a king’s crown. Don’t be unserious. I am serious. He will be serious. Jim is post-post modern actor always presenting deconstruction of great philosopher Jacques Derrida.