With DreamWorks hitting a house run with Kung Fu Panda 2 this summer, you didn’t believe Pixar was going to stand pat? The noted 3D animation studio under Walt-Disney’s wing is preparing to unleash Cars 2 plus things are shining brilliantly for the franchise’s follow-up.

The follow-up to the 2006 film Cars will find again the universe constructed by Pixar once more. It will once more feature race car Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) and the two trucks Mater (Larry the Cable Guy). John Lasseter returns once more as the director of the film.

Pixar Determination

This time around there will be more locations so stay your eyes out how Pixar determination interprets the input cities of Japan, England and Italy. There will as well be an original cast of characters to look out for. Here are their names:

Finn McMissile
Francesco Bernoulli
Holley Shiftwell

As for how these fresh characters resolve look, it won’t be soon before too long since the film is primed for June 24, 2011 discharge date. Wait a minute, that’s today! Off to the theaters then if it’s showing there where you are.