Mr. Nobody (2009) is one of those films that are really enriched with knowledge, especially the modern knowledge of science, philosophy, psychology, anthropology, archaeology and so many other discipline of present academia.

Story of the film

The story of the film is based upon the life of a person who experiences butterfly effect throughout his life but it’s like other butterfly effect movies because Mr. Nobody is actually a 9 years old boy who is about the all of the timelines of his life. It’s amazing because according to the theory of parallel universes every probability essentially exists. As concluded by, Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw,

“What can happen does happen”

It’s called quantum universe generally. The topic of this film is the same. A 9-year-old child is imagining all the states of his only one decision on railway station when his mother is leaving his father. He is imagining all the possibilities throughout his all of lives i.e. all of his possible timelines. In fact, the old man who’s being interviewed by perhaps a journalist in 2094, tells his interviewer that they both don’t exist. He tells him that they both are only an imagination of a 9 years old boy.

Plot, story, dialogues, acting, performances, scenes, effects, 3d graphics, animations, simulation, set designs and direction, everything is okay and very well presented but the uniqueness of Mr. Nobody is that philosophically it’s the story of everyone. When we imagine our future, what we actually do? We imagine that what could happen to us or with us in future. Here, the key-point is that according to physics, whatsoever could be imagined does happen. Also there is a Murphy’s law which states,

“What can happen will happen”

It’s amazing theory of physics. This theory of parallel universe gave so many great films to viewers like interstellar and source code. Mr. Nobody does not only contain the content of knowledge which is of course only the knowledge of physics. In one of his timelines Mr. Nobody is scientist and live performer where he demonstrates and explains the phenomena of nature about complicated concepts of physics, biology, computer and psychology.

Mr. Nobody is very interesting movie in fact. Some of his pieces of worth watching again and again but still it’s that great as interstater and source code and some other movies are.  However, the viewers who are looking for a sci fi that helps them understand the weirdness of quantum physics, it’s the one they are looking for.