These tutorials introduce various different functional areas of Autodesk Maya 2014,  Autodesk MatchMover™ and Composite in a set of lessons. The lessons are accompanied by scene files that you can use to learn at your own pace.

For tutorials for previous versions of Maya, see the Archives page.


The Composite tutorials introduce you to the application UI and basic workflows, including creating a composition, importing footage, using hotkeys, adding tools, connecting passes and renders, and compositing renders. In addition, these tutorials cover blend modes, color correction and fine tuning results. View the PDF file and download the necessary lesson data files.

2011 – 2014

Use 2010 tutorials and associated data below.


Composite 2010 Tutorials (pdf – 14566Kb)
2010 Image Data (zip – 15317Kb)
2010 Render Data (zip – 110285Kb)

MatchMover Tutorials

Learn to perform basic matchmoving techniques including loading images sequences, tracking a sequence, and then exporting the tracked rendered 3D data to file that can be used in 3D animation and compositing programs. You will also learn how to create a track manually using supervised tracking and set up survey points. View the PDF file and download the necessary lesson data files.


Use 2012 tutorials and associated data below.


2012 MatchMover Tutorials (pdf – 3486Kb)
2012 MatchMover Lesson Files (zip – 76305Kb)


2011 MatchMover Tutorials (pdf – 3495Kb)
2011 MatchMover Lesson Files (zip – 76231Kb)