Xanax has been vanished from the market of Pakistan. This is third time happening that shortage of xanax happens in medicine market for long time. As most of us know that xanax is a tablet which is often given to the patients of anxiety and depression as well as to the heart patients for keeping them relaxed and away from sudden emotional attacks. It’s only xanax yet which do not have much side effects and still is very popular in doctors and patients at the same time. Most patients use xanax 0.5mg. However Xanax 0.25 and xanax 1mg is has also been gone away from the medicine market of Pakistan. Therefore it’s been reported that xanax is available in balck market but this information is not yet confirmed.

What happens with such a nice medicine? Actually xanax is based on the formulae of Alprazolam. Wikipedia writes about Alprazolam,

“Alprazolam  (trade name Xanax, available among other generic names) is a short-acting anxiolytic of the benzodiazepine class of psychoactive drugs. Alprazolam, like other benzodiazepines, binds to specific sites on the GABAA gamma-amino-butyric acid receptor. Alprazolam is commonly used and FDA approved for the medical treatment of panic disorder, and anxiety disorders, such as generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) or social anxiety disorder (SAD). Alprazolam is available for oral administration in compressed tablet (CT) and extended-release capsule (XR) formulations. Alprazolam possesses anxiolytic, sedative, hypnotic, skeletal muscle relaxant, anticonvulsant, and amnestic properties”

So what happens when it vanishes from the Market of Pakistan? In fact there are many, many companies trying to sell their products of medicine for the patients of anxiety and depression. Most of them are losers. They don’t have actual thing like xanax. God knows what is the matter with their products because their tablets are not being adopted by the users at all. Some of them are great famous name such as ALP, Zenth and Neuxam etc. When the owners of those not good medicines watch the unbelievable amount of sale of xanax in  Pakistan their mouths get watered. They think, if xanax stops for a while they can earn thousands of the dollars in one day without promoting their medicine at all. So they are always in tries of demolishing xanax in Pakistan’s medicine market. They bribe Doctors and give them free samples of their products. Doctors prescribe their free samples of new anti anxiety medicines. Also there are other factors behind the scene. Some big guns influence on higher level on the sale of xanax. They bribe responsible person for their own products.

Picture! If xanax vanishes for a while, how much opponents will earn? A month of the absence of xanax from market will give them thousands of the dollars in a day. So it’s third time xanax is absent from the market. First time it was absent for more than month. Second time xanax was absent for more than two months and now it’s third time and third months as well going on but xanax is still not available anywhere in Pakistan.

Another opinion has also come that the disappearance of xanax is for some political reasons. World knows that Pakistan is the country where people are suffering from anxiety and depression on mass level all the time. Some big political issues make big guns think that if they give the people more depression and no xanax then maybe a millions of the users of xanax will become angry and mad. Of course they become and they abuses everything without knowing the reasons of their disease. No doubt the best thing is not to use the xanax and don’t be addict. But if there are real users and real patients who are now addict of xanax they will surely suffer a lot. On the other hand there is no power (electricity), gas, and drinking fresh water available in Pakistan. Thus majority of the population become aggressive and cruel on mass level. In this situation they will commit crimes including murders and terrorist activities. So bad wishers want to make people cry, angry, aggressive and agitate.

All substitutes of xanax never work properly. They are useless craps of shit indeed. So what is the doubt in this fact the who makes xanax disappears is clearly unfair with Patients and especially with millions of the heart patients. Government, if government is sincere with their people should take action and hold enquiry that why always xanax disappears suddenly without prior notices?

Who is the responsible of several deaths and damages that occur due to the shortage of the xanax?