The Mehndi (Henna) is applied on the skin for momentary decoration. It requires much practice to learn how to apply Mehndi. The Mehndi is applied with different designs and mostly among them is belonged to one’s own thought. The custom of Mehndi was originated from India. Later on it spread in surrounding countries. The alternate form of Mehndi is also used in Western countries in shape of Henna Tattoos.

In Asia, the Henna is applied only on specific events and festivals. The Mehndi is applied only on hand and feet because they contain high level of keratin. The Mehndi is very important function and item in bridal make up. In olden days, the Mehndi was grinded in hand made grinder whereas in this modern age it is available in conic ready-made shape.


There are different textures and designs for the application of Mehndi. If you have internet in you access, then you can take several kinds of design from any web browser. This site is also about beauty salon and has different updates about fashions. You can find Mehndi designs from this site and hopefully it will be proved unique in your choice. On the other hand if you haven’t this service then it is better to buy Mehndi designs pamphlets which contain number of Mehndi designs. If you are not sure in Mehndi application then it will help you to do practice and try to make yourself freehand artists in Mehndi application.

Some Mehndi’s designs are very lacy and difficult to create but continuous work will enable you to perform such activity also. If you are still confused in applying Mehndi designs, or other cosmetics problems then you can visit this site where you will find daily updates about any material or products as well as you can consult our experts here. This site is offering you to get Pakistani, Indian and Arabic designs of Mehndi for individual as well as bridal’s requirements. So just visit us to learn about beauty and other skin problems.