Massage is manipulation of muscles and integrated tissue to make them easy and ready for performing more action and function. Massage is sometime acted upon to reduce the pressure of continuous work and make you relaxed and comfortable. The hand, fingers, elbow, knees forearms and feet are such organs which are used in massage. The reason is that these organs are used much in performing activities. Different Body massage centers have different techniques for massages.

According to certain statement, there are more than 80 modalities for applying massage. The most recommended way for massage is by therapy which is demanded most than other by the customers. In massage centers, the clients have to lie on the massage table, sitting on the chair or laying inverse position on the floor.


In massage application, sometime you have to put off your dress for the best of massage, otherwise partially dress also works instead of bareness. In this case the specific parts are covered with towel or clothing sheet. One who does massage in massage center is called masseurs and authorized member is called massage therapists. The massage was become popular in united state in the middle of 19th century. Although it was introduced by Japan, China, India and Egypt but US gained the popularity for massage application in the middle of 19th century. In western countries, the athletes are taken exercises as well as massage for the activeness and flexibility of their joints and make them easy in running and other activities. Some specific tables and chairs are used for the clients in massage centers. The clients have to lie down in inverse position on these tables and chair. The oil is the main part in massage application and the practitioners, trainers and therapists use olive oil, grape seed oil and sesame oil. All kinds of oil are used for different purpose. Sometimes salt is added in these oils to remove dryness from body.