(English speech, district level)

No one is out of reach of my cell
Not even the lords of lords of rings
People have numbers instead of names
One, two, three, four, five, six games

Praiseworthy Mr. President and respected audience!

I am setting before you a very, very great saying of a very, very great person named, Morpheus,

“One machine for one human, this is the scheme”

Yes present computerized world has made a scheme against humans. It’s a war between human mind and computer.

All of us have cellular phones called mobile phones. We have been occupied, we have been surrounded by our enemy, we are zombies, we are under control of satellites, we are being used as puppets, and we are merely slaves,

Surely you ask me why?

Imagine you are now dependent on electronic communication systems. I can find you with my mobile, where you are! Where you are right now, I can call you back.

 Sensations in my heart, they jump in me like fish

I want on my table a shining golden dish

With ringtones with lasers you always ping me back

A cool pool, a mind peace with wealth and science of I wish

Dear Mr. President!

I would like to request very humbly that please you listen to my interpretation of Soor e Israfeel on the Day of Judgment

All humans will be called with one and only one voice that is called Soor e Israfeel. Imagine one day our western master calls us with one voice on our mobiles. And also imagine that what so ever they can do with us on one call made by them.

Isn’t this the call for last day of the planet Earth before the Judgment Day?

Of course it is.

My dear president!

Who needs our personal identity if we have our personal numbers?

Tell me who?

Yes!! Yes!! Tell! Tell! Who needs it more? Haan?

Let say! You are 030078601

And I am 032109851

Then what’s more needed? Nothing! That’s why I said before we are simply zombies controlled by stars.

Dear audience!

Perhaps I am talking about senior level of theoretical discussions about cellular binary languages but if you try to understand I am simply talking about the entirely being changed culture of the world into a very complex civilization monitored by machines.

Think about your family. Can anyone tell me the meaning Rasoee?


Because your family knows about kitchen and they don’t know about Rasoee Ghar.

We have been forgotten our culture. We have been forgotten our traditions, we have been forgotten our customs, we have been forgotten our identity, we have been forgotten that who we were? We have been forgotten that what our purpose was?

Dear Mr. President!

Mobile phone has become our most priority now. Besides calling someone or texting to someone we subsequently receive such messages and calls that are dangerous for us in all senses but we just don’t realize the danger.