Save oxygen, save the world

Dear Mr. President! Honorable guests and respected audience!
Today I am entailed to recall,
Home sweet home.

The planet, earth on which we live, we breathe we get our nourishment, our victuals, our lives, our blood ………on which we have our families,

Our cages, our nests

Our palms, our trees

Our chests, our bests

Yes! ………. The planet earth is the only place in all this clouds of galaxies and stars. We see except the planet earth entire universe in all dork, cold, silent and void.

But with due apology Mr. President! I have to say that the only life caring planet, the planet earth is going to die. Let me tell you’re a poem:

Who is oxidizing the tree?

Who is sentencing to hanging to freeze?

Less planets, less men,

No planets, no men,

  Ending season’s lease in big huge stone.

Respected audience!

We have demolished jungles, cut threes. We have ruined great green construction of the nature for life. We did not feel a bit of hesitation while cutting our own branches on which we are just sitting right now. We ware foolish, ignorant, and un-aware of the dodgers’ of doing so. But now, the world has been spread. The word of peace and harmony the world of safety and respect. The world of nobility and goutiness.

Dear Mr. President!

It is our compulsion now, we have to do this. We have to save the world. Humans should think like adults now, otherwise we will have to less each and everything which we humans have been awarded by weather or God. On the other hand, if we reform our values and rebuild the great green construction of the weather. We shall be able to populate now earths with hundred percent sureties of other planets. We shall never die. We shall be able to live endurable lives because we are the edge of the day of reality which can be called “یوم الحسق” in Arabic.

Dear Mr. President!

We should teach our children how to protect a puppy planet, how to save the world.

How to grow a shamble tree?

How to get it green?

Greenish earth is green,

How to get ride of smoke?

How to clean the sky?

Dear Mr. President!

As Pakistanis, we have responsibilities. Because our general population is yet un-aware of the dangers of being demolished greenly in our region. We filled earth’s lungs with chemical smokes- we poisoned our rivers by not adopting the proper preventions. In contract to us European countries are much developed in this vary scenes.

My dear audience!

There is a terms,

“Corporate social responsibility”…….CSR applies to the industrialist especially it means that if you are running your mils with help of human society you have to pay your social responsibilities. This is called CSR……..’ the corporate social responsibly. Now, what ……..according to CSR laws you are bounded to pay the attention the environment of that place first of all. Yes, you are responsible to make. Sure that the rivers, streams, field’s crops, oven each inch of the earth crust is med. In danger due to your industries or productions.

And here, I am again entailed to say that.

Unfortunately we are not doing so. We are not taking care of our social responsibilities. We put machines in the heart of society. But we dam care nothing. Nothing of all.

Mr. President!

It’s time for me to conclude that the only responsibility as a human, we have and this planet is honesty with our living follows. Because our lives are independent, on our little living follows the big guy’s. I came the trees. We have to save the, we have to save oxygen. Save oxygen, save the world.