Do not waste my time take breath
Don’t make mere more crime take
Man can take giant leap in a blink
Be pure man keep dime take breath

Praiseworthy Mr. President and respected audience!

IT stands for information technology. Information technology is greatest development of the new millennium. Humans have been using countless sorts of technologies for conveying their messages to other humans. In begging they employed “man to man” call method for transmission of the messages from one place to other.

Dear Mr. President!

I am sure that you know very well about Hazrat Israfeel Alaihissalam, the angle who will breathe into a megaphone for the whole humanity to call them on the Day of Judgment.

I am little bit modern, dear Mr. President!

I love justifications and foul proof logical arguments indeed. I interpret the angle Israfeel as the angle of information technology. He is the angle of IT who can call all humans of the world within a second. Yes milord! Today with the help of information technology we have reached to the ability to call entire planet within a second. It’s not difficult. It’s on our clicks now. IT has changed the world all of a sudden. It’s ruling over humanity in a sense. It’s the most rapid way of reaching to the people of the people and by the people, indeed.

Dear Mr. President!

I will successful as a debater here, if I give you an insight right now about the miracles of information technology!

It’s my challenge!

If you can understand English, you will definitely go through a wormhole right now! I am sure!

Let me tell you,

Time is the 4th dimension.

When you are going into the space you are actually going into the time.

If you want to visit this alien universe of the future of information technology, you will have to keep pace with me.

Let’s go!

Close your eyes, stop breathing and jump into the future. Look around you, what si happening?

Population has been put down roots from earth to center of the milky way programmers are writing organic scripts

The scripts of human DNA

The passengers of “Orion” has been come back with the tales of goods

Machines are in museums



 Hospitals are just for the renovation

Clones have no fathers, no sons

The death has been subjugated

Women are controlling the earths

Men are exploring the skies

But stop!! Here! I want to throw light on IT with another aspect; it’s a curse as will. If you are in, you are ultimately sick. Sick with information, it’s called information phobia.

A conspiracy has been made against humans by serpent. A plot has been prepared against us for sucking our blood; a scheme has been launched to crush our sovereignty and that conspiracy is especially against our freedom as humans. That conspiracy has been made by the lords of IT. At least I think so.

Dear Mr. President!

I know this is not a debate and I also know that topic is not against any so called fundamentalism but I do understand the worth of topic due to its importance because it’s much critical for a speech in such an event as we are celebrating here.

So, I don’t feel traditional boundaries on me. I think, so I say. I am nor criticizing neither appreciating the information technology. I am just trying to prove positivity that lies in this very critical topic.

Dear Mr. President!

There is hairline between consciousness and information. I would like to say information is a curse while consciousness is a blessing.

Today’s modern devices are hammering us with information. There is no more need of bomb blasting for shuttering humans into pieces because we are using information bombs at all.

Let me show you the very recent example of my argument. When the founder of black water “Erik Dean Prince was” asked that,

“It’s not fair according to the Geneva convention”

He replied,

“Pakistan don’t know about ‘Geneva Convention’ and let them unaware of that”

I am entitled to say with alas that we don’t even know ourselves yet. Who we are what place we occupy? What’s our nation and what’s our goal? But we do know about the countless diseases in detail such as HCV, Aids, cancer, heart attacks, as well as we do know about daily bomb blasts, terrorist activities, murders, misery, disasters and many other such things that are not needed to know about. In this scenario information technology is a curse.

Dear Mr. President!

On the other hand with information technology we can talk to our loved ones who live abroad. We can even watch them live. There is no more street crime hidden from the eye of camera man. The accidents like “Sialkot” can no more be kept underground because this is the age of media. Villages are no more villages; they are like tiny cities, small spheres with wide range of facilities option and information. Cities are no more cities. They are junctions of civilizations. Languages are no more languages; they are being translated second by second with the help of information technology. Humanity has become adult. This is the time to control our selves because if we are unable to control it we shall be watching collusion among cultures only because of this information technology of new human era.

Nations cannot survive if they forget building roof before the rain, if they forget producing resources before their consumption; they cannot create power if they lose their track to progress, they cannot grow up if they forget substituting their technologies at all with the passage of time because nations are dependent on their information resources.

Sensations in my heart they jump in me like fish

I want on my table a shining golden dish

With ringtones with lasers you always ping me back

A cool pool, a mind peace with IT that I wish

Thank you very much Mr. President and my dear audience!

Thank you very much for being with me!