Honorable Mr. President and Respected Audience!

The word patriotism comes from a Greek word. Patriotism means love for one’s native land. Love for one’s own motherland is a natural thing. It is an ideal, a sentiment which we cannot account for, we cannot define, but we all feel it and are moved by it. This feeling for the welfare of one’s native land, for its people and their traditions is patriotism. A patriot is someone who loves, supports, and is prepared to serve their country, A true patriot devotes his life to raise his people, to improve their character and economic conditions, remove their ignorance and corruption, break the barriers between classes and make the people’s life purer, better and happier. He asks for no return and expects no reward. The joy he feels in serving his people of his country, and if necessary, in laying down his life, is a sufficient reward for him.

The land, in which we are born, has a special charm and sanctity for us, even though that land is bare and barren, its very barrenness has a peculiar charm to us.

My dear audience!

Patriotism teaches us not only the respect of our ancestors and love of our past traditions but also our present. Man is no doubt a part and parcel of the past, but he lives in the present. So those who make present charming and worth living are objects of love and reverence. In this way patriotism is manifested in love of our countrymen and spirit of fellowship.

Sometimes bottomless love for the home land expresses itself by intense pain experienced at the time of separation from it. Where-ever we go, we always feel the pull of country in our heart. We never feel quite in our elements till we return to the bosom of our country.

In a democratic country like Pakistan where the elected members constitute the frame­work of country’s progress, the true patriot and the scoundrel with the same name is to be identified; otherwise the people and country are doomed forever.  We should have build up our country with the help of dedicated souls.

Dear Mr. President!

Let’s build a greater & positive Pakistan; Pakistan needs a movement specifically from the youth. Together it shall UNITE, RISE and ENGAGE.

The only way to give right direction to Pakistan is just based on “CONSCIENCE STRUGGLE”, we have to recognize our responsibilities and ignite our Spirit and Employ.