This is a document from Muhammad
The prophet
May Allah bless him and grant him peace
Governing relations between the believers viz Muslims of Quraysh and Yathrib.
And those who followed them and worked hard with them
They from one nation –Ummah.

Praiseworthy Mr. President and respected audience!

Above wordings is the beginning of that great document which is my topic, right now.

“Human Rights and, Madina Charter”

Let me start my speech with a poem,

Nations live on food of trust

If king begs then nation begs

Kings does what with broken legs

Don’t beg help from lords of pigs

Those dead hills pull them with rigs

Look upon those who breathe like rose

Who make senses, who take no doze?

I am the one who brought more fun

I am the globe who adopted more adobe

 Madina Charter is one of the three wonders of past. With archeological point of view, with anthropological point of view, with historical point of view, with logical point of view, with philosophical pint of view, with nature point of view……… the charter of Madina is one the great three wonders of the world.

First, one was the law of Hamurabi the great emperor of Babylon the great, second one are Ten Commandments of Moses in Old Testament and the latest one is the charter of Makina commonly called Meesaq e Madina.

But among those, three one the charter of Madina is the one who especially emphasizes on human rights.


What humans’ rights charter says to us?

Youth are always pride of a nation; harmony and peace are always rides of a nation. Ideologies are almost basic building blocks of states, youth are at least development, and peace is minimum climax of satisfaction.

It again says,

On the other hand, idleness is suffering from shame and disgrace; corruption is surely ignominy of person and state at a time. Corruption never ends up. Corruption never bends up. Cruelty never works, never works, and never works.

Do not waste my time take a breath

Don’t make mere more crime take a breath

Man can take giant leap in a blink

Be pure man, keep dime take a breath

Dear Mr. President!

We are Muslims. We should look upon the life of Muhammad the Holly prophet peace be upon him. He established Madina, the dream of our Holly prophet peace be upon him and the charter of madina was the result that great dream.

But in my words, where! There is peace, there is Islam,

Where there is uproar there is Kufr.

Why great scientists have been given so many noble prizes because they served peace to humanity, they are the heroes of humanity but why those who give noble prizes rather it is being punished due to its peaceful thoughts are not admitting Islam. Why?

Dear Mr. President!

If you go through the charter of Madina, you will find out that what a great legislation was that especially in context of human rights.

Look at one of the several point mentioned in charter of Madina about human rights.

Anyone (any individual or party) who is wrong must be helped.


See this,

The Jews of Bani Awf will be treated as one community with the Believers.

Dear Mr. President!

Here is my point. The charter of Madina provided wisdom to west. They adopted many of the laws from this unique document of the history.

Then, why?

Why west hates us?

Why? West do so?

Do they still feel them in crusades with us?

Why some orthodox people are afraid of Islamic renaissance?

They must think about the benefits as well. Why don’t they do so?

Please believe me!

By God, believe me!

I swear to God that our so-called American friends don’t love us indeed. They want to make us a crutched nation. They want to watch us crippling on the floor in front of them like greedy dogs and waving our tails against them as tame puppy of their bedrooms.

Dear Mr. President!

The essence of the charter of Madina is that,

National identity gives confidence to every human either he is an individual or nation. Honesty upgrades the national dignity of people. Why someone will stretch his palm for a penny like hobos, like beggars, like vagabonds, like tramps?

I am entitled to take a step more advance than this one. Quran says,

کان الناس امۃ واحدہ

It means humans are one nation. Indeed, this is the very basic concept of Islam that humans never be treated by discrimination of race nationality, caste, color, language and blood.

Mr. President!

What is more important to us today? “Only the rope of God”

واعتصمو بحبل اللہ

“Clutch the rope of God tightly”

If we happen to watch this scene I mean the scene of human oneness, we may be happen to watch the scene around one old black room. Yes! Of course, I meant bait-ullah, the house of God.

Dear Mr. President!

Charter of Madina means peace, calm, serenity

Charter of Madina means peace, calm, serenity

Charter of Madina means cool, pure, integrity

Charter of Madina conveys message of harmony

Charter of Madina plays role of veracity

Charter of Madina is the last path to our sovereignty

Charter of Madina is only way to our dignity


Why we believe so, because our religion came for getting rid of injustice, cruelty, terrorism, violence, aggression, hostility


And all those evils that have been eating the very core of Pakistanis’ heart since beginning.


Humanity has become adult. This is the time to control ourselves because if we are unable to control it we shall be watching collusion among cultures,

This is time to learn something from the charter of Madina for us, because western nations have been learning a lot from it and now they insist us to believe in human rights. It’s very amazing.