Honorable president! And respected audience!

It is, not a matter of debate. Everything is speaking itself. How shall we consider equal the age of struggle, pain, hard works, diseases, slavery and helplessness of mankind and the age of wisdom, freedom, equality, information technology and speed?

Indeed! Indeed!

I know very well that some people feel jalousie due to our fast speed, because, we are conquering the evils of material and stannic powers of cruel nature. We explored the earth and moon and now a day we are getting control over the expanse the earth and moon and now a day we are getting control over the expanse bulks of space.

عشق کی اک جست نےطے کر دیا قصہ تمام

اس زمین و آسماں کو بیکراں سمجھا تھا میں

Our generation is really very, very happier than our fathers.

Our fathers had fought two furious great wars in previous century; they killed lacks of the men and women.

My lord!

…….we are still bearing the hardships of those wars, they made the atom bomb and they faced ferrous and fire ever where.

On the other hand…….we?

We are combining the angry nations. We take care of table talks in confront of a battle or fight. We solve our problems with the power of media and technology.

No doubt that we are facing the hardships, but together…….. with the concept of rescue.

It is the time that we have to justify the real meanings of hard words. It is the stage that we recognize the ultimate reality. We should clarify the unclear head nests about the concept of generations. We are taunted since almost previous three or four decades by our elders that we are the generation of the day of resurrection. They think about themselves, they were happier than us but I am entitled to ask that how?

The poet of east and the expert of nation’s pulse, Allama Iqblal says to the literature of the world;

عشق اب پیروی عقل خداداد کرے

ابرو کوچہء جاناں میں نہ برباد کرے

کہنہ پیکر می نئی روح کو آباد کرے

یا کہن روح کو تقلید سے آزاد کرے

Allama suggests to faith that the time of old souls has gone. This is the age of rationalism and we all must be understood about the difference between rationalism and traditionalism.

Your highness!

Allama Iqbal’s reference is an evidence to prove this fact that we are happier than our fathers. He says in his lectures about our forefathers……… but stop… just a minute…please!

Dear president!

Let me to say that……… even he says in the preface of his famous book “The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam”……..

“They, owing to their ignorance of modern mind, have become absolutely incapable of receiving any fresh inspiration from modern thought and experience.”

My lord!

I am very sorry to say that my opponents are still under the darkness of the age of stone. In fact, we are the inhabitants of paradise. We are happy, because our literature is full of humor and esthetic sense.

Our forefathers were suffered from a lot of grief and sorrow because their literature is the evidence of their struggle full lives. You can pick up the point from “Meer Taqqi Meer” to “Faiz Ahmed Faiz” all of them are weeping. You will explore a cry from hell and a shout coming from the grief hearts of our elders. Even the “Aadha Khan” and “Talib Hussain Dard” of our folk wisdom always weep for their poor and unhappy life.

My lord!

We are happier than our fathers.

At last look at our faces, our eyes, our wisdom, our practices and our speed; as the great American poet “Henry Buller” said in his poem:

There was a young lady named bright,

Whose speed was far faster than light?

She set out one day

In a relative way,

And returned home previous night.