Every man of nation love’s their country it is natural thing in human not human even beats loves their homes, if a man do not love his country then he is not better then a beat. We should love our countyr we should do whatever we can do for our country. Because we eat it’s food we drunk it’s water we breath its air. We live in it,we use it’s name every man on earth is known by his country every nation love’s their country and have many respect to their country.

So it is called patriotism in country every beats, humans, trees love’s their country but some people do it very intensely the people do each and everything for their country they are always ready to help their people they work hard for their nation. They work day and night they are always ready to teach their children how to do something for their country.

But if some body loves his country that is good or if someone makes his country strong and does work for his country economic, in education it is good too. But some people got mad at it. They can kill someone for his country they hate other nations. They can hurt anytime now they are dangerous for their country. That should not be happened we should very careful with that kind of madness it is not fine we all are human we are better than anyone else in the whole universe. We should not kill each other for little things we should always remaind that ferigoin is man fest then are citizen. We always remained our great leaders with very proud.


Qauid e Azam, Alama Iqbal, Shair Shah Soori, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, they all were very patriot to their nation and country. That is why world remember then today that is all about.

(Written by Asad)