English speech, section middle, district level

Little child, little child look at your cat
She’s playing catching, catching with a little rat
Your mommy your papa does so in a stile
Send you ever bend you ever make you like a pile
Rat’s running cat’s running both of them go far
Playing such an ugly games they put you behind bar

Praiseworthy, Mr. President and respected audience!

My today’s topic is that education is the basic right of every child. No doubt it’s hundred percent true.


Would you like to tell me which education?

Yes which education? Mr. President?

The religious education? Which teaches them to hate other people, other religion, and other sects?


The materialistic education? Which teaches them to leave their parents when they are old, forget their friends when they are in need?

The modern ethics? Which leads you towards the pornography at the end?

The technical education? which gives nothing except a useless certificate without any practical at all?

The only way left to a serious pair of parent is to decide about their child that they should admit them with a free style machinist or engine mechanic called Kharadiya and Mistri in our languages.

 Dear Mr. President!

No doubt that education is the basic and fundamental right of every child. In our society most of the poor children don’t get education in schools. They go to workshops and get skilled without any theory and applied education of that specific field.
Many of them work on hotels as waiters.

Many of them polish shoes in markets and on railway stations.

Many of them serve shop keepers as little helpers often called “Chotoo”.

Dear Mr. President!

I know many of them, because they live in my Muhallah, in my street. They do not go to any school. I see them daily when I go to school. Their clothes are greased, their hair are oiled, their faces are fuliginous, they cannot read, they cannot even write their names with their hands, but they are still children and equal to us in all human rights.

I am worried about! I am very much worried about the children of my nation.

Where is the state?

Where are the activists?

Where are our so called leaders?

Where is the government?

Where is our identity?

Where is our goal?

In modern day, we are still using innocent children in our industry. It’s shame. My lord! Of course it’s a matter of shame and grief for us.

Dear audience!

But the question is here!

Why they cannot get admission in schools?
Because our schools are fee based, our government schools are producing clerks for governments and most of their students leave their education in between the way.
Our private schools are fee based and poor parents cannot pay high fees to private schools. Every parent wants to give proper and useful education to his or her child but due to their poverty they cannot afford tuition fees. Thus, most of our population’s children do not get their proper education.
That’s why we are still a backward nation in the eyes of western countries.

Dear Mr. President!

I would like to set some verses before you on this very critical topic,

Give me my right, give me my site

I am a little innocent child of your nation

Let me do my job, let me fill my fob

I am a little innocent child of your nation

Give me charm of life, tell me form of life

I am a little innocent child of your nation

 (Note: please for completing the time use other poems, what so ever you think is good here. thanks)