It’s very shameful fact that our education system is in the hands of Texi Drivers. Look upon the District education officer khushab level of education. In recent debates and essay writing competitions he made blunders with innocent students. Many of the topics were nearly bullshit or nonsense. One of them was that

“Science is the mother of Islam”

There was a worth seeing scene in Sargodha when winners of all districts came there and they said that topic is “Science helps to understand Islam”.

Many participants have been being disqualified by the administrations of high level competitions.
Now in next step in Lahore, at provincial level one of the topics is “Rule of I.T in human life”. Imagine what will happen if real topic is “Role of I.T in human life”.

They are two different topics. The rule of IT means that the IT is ruling over the human world and we humans are slaves to it. But the other one “the role” reads that, “the role of IT in human life”. It means that what is the role of information technology in human life?

So, again there will be a conflict at provincial level and the participants from Khushab will be disqualified, in spite of their day and night struggle to win the debate there.

So I will suggest to Mr. Shahbaz Sharif the chief minister of Punjab that he should pay attention to the qualification of the district education officer Khushab and send him to some primary school for making his spellings and sense qualified for the post he occupies.


see the images of the letter issued by district education officer khushab,