Mr. Dollar put a ban
Funky earthen busted pan
Cash, currency richness, gold
Wealth glumness rusted man

Praiseworthy, honorable president and respected audience!

Did you see my poetry? This poet is afraid of going into a state which is deluxe. He wants to be in pain because he is afraid of the wealth.

But, wait! Dear president! Please with due apology you should wait for my response back to the poet.

Look at those buildings like Dubai tower isn’t that a symbol of human arrogance? No doubt the wealth brings indolence to nations but with flowers there are always wanes. The heaps of money can kill a nation if they are not upgrading themselves.

Ok! Let me repeat my topic!

“Can Money bring Happiness?”

Dear president!

Although, a materialistic, stoic and hopeless society is always not in the condition of getting such things like more money because of their stage in evolutionary process of being developed society. If they are developed then they should wear the bracelets of gold and silver like Muhammad peace be upon him predicted about the conquerors of those times’ super powers of Iran and Rome. And those conquerors were Sahaaba e Kiram (Rizwaanullah ajma een) Nations maybe destroyed without weapons with just wealth but it’s unless you interpret the meaning of wealth into idleness and laziness.

Dear Mr. President!

I know this is not a debate and I also know that topic is not against any so called fundamentalism but I do understand the worth of topic due to its importance because it’s much critical for a speech in such an event as we are celebrating here.

So, I don’t feel traditional boundaries on me. I think, so I say. I am nor criticizing neither appreciating the money. I am just trying to prove positivity that lies in this very critical topic.

At the end I would like to strengthen my thesis with some beautiful words of a great man,

“This world is yours, and all of it is yours. Do not be hasty to stimulate yourself with chips. It will be a time but now your duty is to understand the nature rather than the prices of wrist watches. I promise it will give you luxury”