Little child, little child look at your at
She’s playing catching, catching with a little rat
Your mommy your papa does so in a stile
Send your ever bend you ever make you like a pile
Rat’s running cat’s running both of them go far
Playing such an ugly games they put you behind bar

Praiseworthy, Mr. President and respected audience!

There is hairline between awareness and information. I would like to say information is a curse while awareness is a blessing.

Today’s modern devices are hammering us with information. There is no more need of bomb blessing for shattering humans into pieces because we are using information bombs at all.

On the other hand awareness is something else. It’s purely blessing of God. Unless we are aware we are blind. We don’t have light. We cannot see even in front of us.

Remind!! What was the first prayer of the holy prophet Muhammad peace be upon him?

اللہم ارنی حقائق الاشیاء کما ھی

Oh God! Show me the truth of things

Let me show you the very recent example of my argument. When the funder of black water Erik Dean prince was asked that,

“It’s not fair according to the Geneva convention”

He replied,

“Pakistan don’t know about Geneva Convention and let them unaware of that”

I am entitled to say with alas that we don’t even know ourselves yet. Who we are? What place we occupy? What’s our nation and what’s our goal?

Blindness is cures indeed. It’s curse, it is full fledging curse my lord!

And who doesn’t know that unawareness is blindness?

Dear Mr. President!

In the beginning according to bible there was a tree of awareness. And both adam and Eve were not allowed to even touch it ……… but serpent betrayed them from the g God’s order. He said to them,

“For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil”

ولا تقربا ہٰذِلشجرۃ

And don’t go even near to that tree.

What was that tree indeed? This tree had the fruit of awareness. Yes my lord? The fruit of awareness!

In this scenario the awareness was the first curse to humanity. But if your plunge in depth of this very simple parable, you will see an ultimate blessing in the bottom. See how?

Let me explain,

Before awareness we were ignorant, rude, like silent stones.

As Quran e Pak says,

They are not equal, the light and darkness? They are not equal, the life and death? They are not equal, the blind and wise? They are not equal, the sun and shade?

Of course we are bestowed with sights and insights. Of course we have been given enlightenment and approaches.

Dear Mr. President!

I will successful as a debater here, if I give you an insight right now!

It’s my challenge!

If you can understand English, you will definitely go through a wormhole right now! I am sure?

Let me tell you,

Time is the 4th dimension. Wen you are going into the space you are actually going into the time.

If you want to visit this alien universe you will have to keep pace with me. Let’s go!

Close your eyes, stop breathing and jump into the future. Look around you, what is happening?

Population has been put down roots from earth to center of the Milky Way programmers are writhing organic scripts

The scripts of human DNA

The passengers of “Orion” has been come back with the tales of gods

Machines are in museums



Hospitals are juts for the renovation

Clones have no fathers, no sons

The death has been subjugated

Hospitals are just for the renovation

Clones have no fathers, no sons

Women are controlling the earths

Men are exploring the skies

Thank you very much Mr. President and my dear audience!

Thank you very much for being with me!