The grace of conference! Mr. President!

Honorable Jewry, respected guests and lovely audience. I am have to set my premises before you for conclusion that the agriculture in the backbone of nation. First all I would like to throw the light on the specificity of the topic, that it’s surely specific for our nation, the Pakistani nation and not for the non agricultural areas and combinations of the world.

We are lucky? We are based hero, a fertilized land, a fruitful peace of Eden. We live with trees and cattle’s. We honest crops and get our nourishment from the chest of the earth. Thus we food our piece of land like mother. Yes the mother land, the home land, my Pakistan is an agricultural country of the world.

Dear Mr. President!

If you watch the planet earth from orbit we will see a green belt among the white snows and Blue Ocean of that football like a distanced image of the earth. This green belt crosses our country; destiny has been merciful to us. We are rich, we have planes of fields. We have yards of crops.

My dear audience!

So, the one word, the back bone is Of course agriculture. What else we have, high quality products like Jo…….

Our production of goods like china?

Always new technologies like America?

Super, doper ethics like neither land what else w have?

Bold Mines?

Oil like Saudi Arabia

Excellent education system like Australia and UK

What else do we have my dear ordinance, what else. We held no credibility yet among the people of the world, but agriculture. Agriculture is our nation back bone because 80 percent of our food and nourishment comes from our fertile land. We grow wheat, corn, rice, cotton, fruits, vegetables and all precious crops of the age for fruits we in rich the world with orange and mango.

Our wheat, corn and cotton are best of world’s crops. There are countries that live on sea fish but no crops, and they exchange with the world for different tests and products. On the others hand we have everything, cartels, life stock, wild life and field of fields of sugar cane and rich minerals under the surface of our gold land.

My dear audience!

Infect we are best food with god’s precious gifts our corn and wheat fields shines like gold in the frosh and transport sun light, so, you look at the fact why not we should plow our fields why we should not make alive our bazaar lands. We have a great agriculture university with help of many others semi great agricultural universities like ARID else we have separate banking system for our formers. ADBP (the agricultural bank of Pakistan) every year we spend billions of the dollars for the betterment for our agriculture system and the welfare of the formers.

Dear Mr. President!

Inspire of all this we don’t yet have sufficient amount of food and necessities of life for our self the question is why our back bone is Brocken because of the cruel system of the distribution of water especially the hurdles in the way of Kalabagh dame project our brothers from Pakhton Khawah face the shortage of floor every year. But they don’t understand the Iprane of Kalabagh dame. That’s why they are against it. No doubt Pakistan is not a developed country. But we can make if with ease and comfort just by understanding the significance of the agriculture in PK. At the end of my speech. I would like to serve you with my poem.

Look at the sentries

Look at the green rise

Come out the paim bars

Look of the fruit stars

Go not to stock home