What is difference between word processor and spreadsheet?

Word Processor


Word processor provides the facility to create and edit documents.

Spreadsheet provides the facility of calculations.

The data in word processor is inserted in documents.

The data in spreadsheet is inserted in worksheets.

It provides no data validation facility.

It provides data validation facility.

It does not provide data analysis facility.

It provides data analysis facility such as filter, subtotal, pivot table and auditing.

It provides a small number of predefined functions to manipulate data.

Ti provides many predefined functions to manipulate data.

It does not provide the facility of automatic recalculating of data.

It provides the facility of recalculating data. The result changes automatically if the data is changed.

Conditional formatting is not available in word processors

Spreadsheets provide the facility of conditional formatting. Format of data is changed when it meets a certain criteria.
Word processor is used to create letters, applications, memos and reports etc. Spreadsheet is used to create salary sheets, home budgets and balance sheet.

What is difference between function and formula?



Function is predefined facility. Formula is defined by the user.
Function is written in predefined syntax. Formula is written according to the user requirements.
Function may require parameters. Formula does not require parameters.
Function id identified by a particular name. Formula has no particular name.
All functions are formulas. All formulas are not functions.

 What is nested function? Give example.

A function within a function is celled nested function. For example, if you want to calculation two different bonuses on the basis of average sales of person, you will need to use nested function as follows:

IF (AVERAGE (A2:B2)>3000,500,100)

Here, Average is the inner function and IF is the outer function. In nested functions, inner functions executes first. Then outer functions are executed.

What is a chart? How chart is created Excels?

Charts allow you to present data entered into the worksheet in a visual format using a variety or graph types. Before you can make a chart, you must first enter data into a worksheet.

Creating Charts using Chart wizard

The Chart Wizard brings you through the process of creating a chart by displaying a series of dialog boxes.

  1. Enter the data into the worksheet and highlight all the cells that will be included in the chart including headers.
  2. Click the Chart Wizard button on the standard toolbar to view the first Chart Wizard dialog box.
  3. Choose the Chart type and the Chart subtype if necessary. Click Next.
  4. Select the data range and click Next.
  5. Enter the name of the chart and titles for the X- and Y-axes. Other options for the axes, grid lines, legend, data labels, and data table can be changed by clicking on the tabs. Press Next to move to the next set of options.
  6. Click As New Sheet if the chart should be placed on a new, blank worksheet or select As Object In if the chart should be used in an existing sheet and select the worksheet form the drop-down menu.
  7. Click Finish to create the Chart.

what is Align and Orient Cell Contents?

Text is aligned automatically on the left of the column and values on the right. This can be changed as required. Values formatted with the Currency or Comma Style formats override the alignment button options.

Align Left

The following procedure is used to left align the data in the cells of a spreadsheet:

  1. Select the data with the mouse.
  2. Click on align left button.


Align Center

  1. First select the data that you want to appear centered.
  2. Click on the center button.

Un-centering Text

  1. Select that same data.
  2. Click on the center button again.

Align Right

  1. First select the data that you want to appear right aligned.
  2. Click on align button.


what is Merge and Center? How it is applied

Merges and centers selected data across multiple cells. The merge and center functions are combined on this icon.



  1. Select the columns as seen below:



  1. Click on the merge and center icon. The display will change to the one seen below:


 Write the procedure for rotating text.

This feature allows you to change the direction of the text.

  1. Select the cell or range of cell you want to rotate.
  2. On the Format menu, click Cells.
  3. Click the Alignment tab. Under Orientation, Red Diamond will be at position 0 degrees.
  4. Now click and drag the Red Diamond to the +45 degrees position.
  5. Click on OK button to see the result.

Write a procedure Wrapping Text in a Cell.

It you have text that appears in a single cell but you want to increase the height of that cell to accommodate all of the words, you can use the Wrap text option.

  1. Select the cells that you want to apply Wrap text.
  2. Form the Format menu, select Cell. . .The Format Cells dialog box appears.
  3. Select the Alignment tab.
  4. Under Text Control, select Wrap text.
  5. Click OK.

Unwrapping Text using Menu

  1. Select the cell, which has wrapped text.
  2. From the Format menu, select cells. . .The Format Cells dialog box appears.
  3. Under Text Control, deselect Wrap text.
  4. Click OK.