Today I have bought a new system and I have installed windows 7 ultimate version on it with Windows 7 DVD. After installing windows I have installed all necessary software which I have needed. This all process took 3 hours for installations. At the end I have programmed to install Ubuntu on my Hard Drive.

I was trying to install 2 windows side by side on my hard disk. When restart my computer for final results I have a black screen in front of me. There was two lines which indicating some kind of error. These lines were
“Bootmgr is missing – Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to Restart.”

I was shocked to see this error massage. I have tried a lot of tricks to resolve this bootmgr is missing error, but in-vain. When i get tired with my useless effort I start goggling about this issue.

I have found many articles about “Bootmgr is missing” error. I have applied these techniques but I was unable to overcome at this error. So, at the end I got an idea and I have recall in mind. Some time I have faced this issue in Windows XP and I had resolved this issue at that time. So, I have start applying those techniques in Windows 7.

Windows 7 bootmgr Missing  Solution

1. Insert Windows 7 DVD into your DVD-Rom and Restart your system.

2. Boot your system with Windows 7 DVD.

window 7-01

3. Windows 7 will start copying installation files into your hard drive. When first dialogue appear. Select “Repair your computer” from the bottom left corner at this dialogue box.

window 7-02

4. A new dialogue box will appear and system will start searching for installation. Wait until searching complete.

window 7-03

5. Select and check “Restore your computer using a system image that you have created earlier.”

6. Click on “Load Drivers” button.

window 7-04

7. Press “ok” button in “Add Drivers” window. New windows will open form where you can access hard drive and DVD-ROM

window 7-05

window 7-06

8. Click on “My Computer” and open your Windows 7 from your DVD Rom.

window 7-07

9. Here you will find a file named “bootmgr”.

window 7-08

10. Copy “bootmgr” file into your clipboard.

window 7-09

11. Now, go back and open your C drive.

window 7-010

12. Past “bootmgr” into C drive.

Ok, you have done a good job. Now, close all dialogue boxes and cancel windows installation at the end. Restart your system and your windows 7 will boot normally.