Two worksheets are linked if one worksheet is use the value from another worksheet. A formula in a worksheet may use value from a cell in another worksheet of same worksheet. In this case, the name of second worksheet is used with cell address. For example, the following format is used to access the value of a cell in another worksheet:

SheetName! CellAddress

The following formula will add the value of cell A1 of current worksheet and cell A2 in the second worksheet named Sheet2:

=A1+Sheet2! A2

Explain formula in Excel. How it can be used?

A formula can expression that produces some values. The values, cell references and built-in functions can be used in formulas. Formulas must begin with an equal sign “=”. A formula can be used to calculate the grade of students or it can be used to find the sum of multiple vales etc.

Entering Formula in Excel

  1. Click on the empty cell that will display the result of the formula.
  2. Type the equal sign (=).
  3. Type formula without any spaces (e.g., A1+A2+A3+A4) and press the Enter key. The result will appear in the cell while the formula will be displayed in the Formula Bar.
  4. If you change any value of a cell referenced in a formula, the formula will automatically recalculate and display the new value.

what is function? List some important functions of Excel.

Functions are built-in formula that are used to perform complicated calculations. Functions can be a more efficient way of performing mathematical operations than formula.


For example, the following formula can be used to add values of cells D1 through D10:


The SUM function can be used to perform this operation in a shorter way as follows:

=SUM (D1:D10)

Important Functions

Some important functions are as follows:




SUM =SUM (A1:100) Find the sum of cell A1 through A100
AVERAGE =AVERAGE (B1:B10) Find the average of cells B1 through B10
MAX =MAX (C1:C100) Highest umber from cells C1 to C100
MIN =MIN (D1:D100) Lowest number from cell D1 to D100
SQRT =SQRT (D10) Square root to the value in cell D10
TODAY =TODAY 0 Current date

 what is the procedure for entering function?

The following procedure is used to enter a function in cell:

  1. Activate the cell where the function is to be entered.
  2. Click Function wizard button on standard toolbar fx. The insert Function dialog box will appear as follows:

standard toolbar fx

  1. Select any function form Select a function box.
  2. Click OK. The function wizard will appear to get function arguments. The result of the function will appear at the end of function wizard.

 what is difference between worksheet and workbook?


The worksheet is the place where the user enters all data. A worksheet consists of columns and rows. There are 256 columns and 65,536 rows in a worksheet. Rows are labeled by numbers (1, 2, 3……) and columns are labeled with letter (A, B, C etc.). Cells are then labeled with both the column letter(s) and row number in that order.


A workbook is a group of worksheets saved together as one file. Each workbook in Excel contains 3 worksheets by default. These are called Sheet 1, Sheet2 and Sheet3. When you save a workbook, you are also saving changes made to each worksheet in the workbook.

what is difference between active cell and passive cell?

Active cell is the in which data is entered or edited at a given time. A cell must be activated before entering data. When a cell is active, a bold rectangle appears around it. The data in the active cell can also be inserted using formula bar.

A cell that is not currently selected is called passive cell. The data cannot be inserted or deleted in a passive cell.