The way data appears in a cell is known as cell formatting. The General format is the default format of a cell. General format displays data as it is entered in a cell, if the cell is not wide enough to display a long decimal number, General format rounds off the number. It uses scientific notation for large or small numbers . For example 0.00000000001 is displayed as 1E-10 in default column width. The cell format is applied form Format Cells dialog box as follows:



What are different symbols used in custom format?

Each number format consists of four parts. The first part describes the positive number. The second part describes the negative numbers. The third part describes zeno values. The fourth part describes text values.

Each part is separated form the other by a semicolon. It is nor necessary to specify all parts of the format. If two parts are specified, the first is used for positive numbers and zero values and the second is used for negative numbers. Text values use general format. It only one format is specified, all number use the same format.





It determines the number of digits to be displayed on either side of decimal number. if the custom format is 0000 then 25 displayed as 0025


It is similar to 0 characters except that insignificant zeros are not displayed if the number has fewer digits.


If custom format is #, ### then 7200 will be displayed as 7,200


It is also similar to the 0 character except that space is left for insignificant zero characters on either  side of a decimal point If the custom format is 0.??? And 16.545 and 2.4 are displayed vertically. The decimal point of 16.545 will become under the decimal point 2.4


It indicates the number of digits to be displayed on the right of a decimal point. The cell display will round to the number of placeholders to the right of the decimal point in the format. If the customer format is .###. 00 then 1.2 will be displayed as 1.20 and 58 will be displayed as 58.00

Differentiate application window and document windows?

he window that contains title bar, menu bar and toolbars is called application window. It is used to open many documents at the same time.
The window that contains single workbook of Excel is celled document window. When the user opens a new workbook, it is opened in document window.
If the user closes application window, all documents windows are also closed. If user closes a document window, application window remains open.

Write the procedure for printing a worksheet. 

The process of printing a worksheet is different from printing a word document. The size of worksheet can be larger. The Print Preview option can be used to view the part of worksheet that will be printed. The following procedure is used to print a worksheet:

  1. Click Print icon on Standard toolbar. The Print dialogue box is displayed.


The important options of Print dialog box are as follows.

  1. Printer: it is used to select a printer from Name list box.
  2. Print range: it is used to select the range of printing. The user may7 print all pages of give a range of pages.
  3. Copies: it is used to specify the number of copies to be printed.
  4. Select the desired option s from Print dialog box.
  5. Click OK. The worksheet will be printed.

 What is page set up? Explain various tabs Page Setup dialog box.

The page setup is used to set page orientation, margins and header & footers. The page setup is used from Page Setup option of File menu. The Page Setup dialog box contains the following options:

Page Orientation

The page orientation option is used to select layout of the page for printing. It provides two options of Landscape and Portrait. The Scaling option is used to set the size of worksheet on the page.



The margins tab is used to change the top, bottom, left and right margins of the page.


This option is used to add predefined headers and footers to the page.


It contains different options related to the printing of worksheet. It includes:

  • Gridlines of worksheet will not print unless selected form Page Setup.

Colors used of worksheet are printed as shades of gray on a black and white printer.