What is Communication Media and what is bandwidth? Explain base band and broadband.

The amount of data that can be transferred through a communication medium in a unit of time is called bandwidth. The bandwidth of digital signals is measured in bits per second or bytes per second. The bandwidth of analog signals is measured in cycles/seconds or hertz.


Baseband is communication technique in which digital signals are placed on the transmission line without change in modulation. It means that digital signals are directly transmitted over transmission line. It transmits only one signal at a time. Digital signals are commonly called baseband signals.

what is bandwidth


Broadband is a technique to transmit large amounts of data such as voice and video over long distance. It can send data by modulation each signal onto a different frequency. It transmits several streams of data at the same time using FDM (Frequency division Multiplexing) technique. divides the bandwidth id a communication line into smaller frequency bandwidths. Each part of the communication line can be used for transmitting data separately. Broadband is faster than base band.

what is communication media used in computer networks? What are different types of communication media?

The path through which data is transmitted from one place to another is called communication media or communication channel. There are different types of communication media.

What is Communication Media

  1. Guided Media

In guided media, communication devices are directly connected with each other by using some physical media like wires. It is also called bounded media.


Some examples of bounded media for communication are as follows:

1 Twisted pair

2 Coaxial cable

3 Fiber Optics

  1. Unguided media

In unguided media, communication devices communicate with each other through air or space using broadcast radio signal, microwave signals and infrared signals. Unbounded media is used where it is impossible to install cables. Data can be transferred all over the world using this media. It is also called unbounded media.


Some examples of unbounded media for communication are as follows:

  1. Microwave
  2. Communication satellite
  3. Mobile communication