What are source data  entry devices? List out different categories of these devices.Source data entry devices are used for direct data entry to the computer system. These devices provide a quick and efficient way to input data.


The commonly used source data entry devices are as follows:

1. Scanning Devices

1. Barcode Reader

2. Mark and Character Recognition Devices

i. Magnetic – Ink Character Recognition Reader (MICR)

ii. Optical Mark Recognition (OMR)

iii. Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

iv. Magnetic Strip

v.  Smart Cards

3.  Facsimile Fax Machine

4.  Imaging System

2. Audio / Video Devices

1. Audio Input Devices

2. Video Input Devices

3. Digital Camera

Write a short note barcode reader.

Bar code reader uses laser beam to read bar codes. Bar code consists of vertical lines and spaces of different width. It is mostly found on different products in the market. This barcode system is called Universal Product Code (UPC). The bar code represents data that identifies the manufacturer and the item.


Fig : Bar Code

Barcode readers read barcodes and translate them into digital signals. The digital signals are then further processed by computer.



Q. Describe the mark and character recognition devices.

Mark and character recognition devices are used to read information printed on paper. These devices convert this information into a form that can be processed by the computer. Some important devices are as follows:


MICR stands for Magnetic – ink Character Recognition Reader. It is used to read text printed with magnetized ink. It is used by bank for check processing. Each check contains MCIR characters at lower – left edge. These characters represent check number, bank number and account number.


ii. OCR

OCR stands for Optical character recognition. It reads printed characters in particular font and converts them into digital code. Most OCR devices use a small optical scanner to read characters. OCR characters appear on utility bills and price tags in departmental stores.

source data  entry devices

iii. OMR

OMR stands for Optical mark recognition. It is also called mark sensing device. These devices use light beam to read data. The data is converted into digital signals. The signals are then sent to the computer for further processing.

An OMR device detects marks such as circles and rectangles on specially printed forms. It is often used in multiple choice test such SAT and GRE. The students answer the questions by filling the circles. The OMR device reads the answer sheet and evaluates it.


i. Magnetic Strip Card

Magnetic strip card has a magnetically encoded data on its back. The magnetic strips are used in many plastic cards such as personal identity cards. The magnetic strip can store the personal details of the card owner. It can be used to access secure information such as bank account details etc.

ii. Smart Cards

Smart card is similar to credit card or ATM card. It contains thin microprocessor and memory chip that is embedded in the card. The card is inserted into a specialized card reader. The card reader can read and update its contents. Mobile SIM card and ATM card are two examples of smart cards.