what is wan?  Where is a wan used?

Wan stands for wide area network.  It refers to a network that covers large. wan connect in different cities and countries. computer in wan are often connected through telephone lines. They can also be connected through leased lines or satellites. wan can reach the parts of the world that is not possible whit LANs.

The mainframe and mini computers used in wan are designed to be accessed by terminals. A personal computer must appear as a terminal to communicate with large computers in wan. Terminal emulation software is used is used to allow a personal computer to appears as a terminals. In this way the personal computer can connect a large computer.

waht is wan

The large computer is known as host computer. A personal computer attached to host computer can upload and download data .the transfer of data from personal computer to host computer is known as uploading. The transfer of data from host computer to personal computer is known as downloading.  File transfer of data software is used to do upload and download data.

Transmission rate of wan is typically 56kbps. Wan is not as fast as LAN .it requires long cable distance and there is a possibility of error in data transmission.

What is metropolitan-Area network (MAN)?

A metropolitan area network (MAN)is a communications network that covers a geographical area of the size of a city . A MAN typically include one or more LANs but cover a small geographical area than WAN. A MAN often acts as a high-speed network. mobile phones systems often use man.

what is metropolitan-Area network (MAN

What is difference between LAN and WAN ?

The difference between LAN and WAN is as follows:



  1.  LAN is used to connect computers at one place.

1.  WAN is used to connect computers anywhere in world.

  1. LAN covers limited area .
  1. WAN can cover more distance .
  1. Data transfer speed is very fast in LAN. its normally from 0.1to 100 Mbps.
  1. Data transfer speed is slow in WAN transmission rates are typically 56kbps to 45 Mbps .
  1. LAN is less costly .
  1. WAN is expensive .
  1. LAN is usually connected through wires .
  1. WAN is usually connected through telephone lines .
  1. The connection in a LAN is permanent using wires .
  1. The connection in WAN is not permanent .
  1. LAN is used to share files and hardware like printers ,modem.
  1. WAN is used to share only data and information i.e. email &file .
  1. LAN is less possibility of data transmission error.
  1. WAN has higher possibility of data transmission error .
  1. In LAN ,problems normally occur due to cable disturbance by end user .
  1. In WAN ,problem normally occurs due to  communication problems medium .