Television is great invention of our age. After second world war it become more popular now every home have it is nedy for every home. Television is compound of two words. one is “Tele” and second is vision. tele means distance and vision means watching or something like that so it is mean watching from distance. we can watch everting on television we are very close to each other we know all about our country. We can know what is happening in the world at the moment. Their is nothing hide from us today.

Television-shows us news, dance, music, movies, adventures and it is powerful tools to educate people. We can teach our Nation television is providing amazing knowledge in these days. It is very importing to give updates to our nation. Not nation things even we can watch what is other nation doing today.


Pakistan there are many station in many places Islamabad, Karachi, Multan, Lahore, Peshawar and Quota. Tele-vision is giving us information about our earth planet and every living species on this planet. We do not need to go to cinema we have television-to enjoy movies, songs and even we do not have to go to playground to watch matches. Television-tells us weather information that is very helpful for us television shows us latest industrial and politic ideas and progress. Even a president can talk to whole city or whole nation at a time. he can deliver speech to his nation.

In simple we have a magic eye to see what is happening around us. That eye called-television.