Define spreadsheet: Spreadsheet program is used for calculations. It provides worksheet to enter data. A worksheet is a collection of rows and columns. It allows you to make different calculations using formulas and built-in functions. We can also display our data using charts and figures.

List some applications of spreadsheet.

  • It can be used by corporations to track profit and losses
  • Economists can generate growth graphs of country’s economy
  • Woman can manage their household budgets

List three benefits of spreadsheet.

  • It increases the ease and speed of calculations.
  • It is easy to modify information and recalculate automatically.
  • It provides facility to visually display numeric data as a chart or graph.

Write the basic feature of spreadsheet software: Some important features are Grid of Row and Column, Formulas, Built-in Functions, Commands, Text Manipulation and printing.

How are rows and columns identified in Excel? : Rows are identified by numbers and columns by letters.

Define cell and how is it identified?: A cell is the intersection of a row and column, and is named with the letter of the column and the number of the row.

Give three possible cell contests: A cell can contain a numeric value, an alphabetic value or a formula. The formula may refer to other values in different cells.

Define worksheet: Worksheet is where data is entered. It consists of columns and rows to enter data.

What is cell and cell address: The intersection of row and column is called cell. A cell holds data. Cells may contain text, numbers, graphical patterns or formulas. Cells are identified by combination of column letter and row number, the fifth cell in the second column is known as cell B5. This is known as the cell’s address or cell coordinates.

What is active cell of Excel?: Active cell is the cell where the cursor is blinking or which is selected.

List different types of data in Excel: Different types of data in Excel are label, Values, Bates and Formula.

What is Merge and Center option in Excel?: Merge and Center option merges and centers the selected data of multiple cells. The merge and center functions are combined on the icon.

Explain number formats and how they affect the value of number: A number format changes the appearance of a number but does not change the value of number. For example, if the number is 1.2345 and you apply a format with only two decimal places, Excel will round the number and display it as 1.23, but when Excel uses the number in a calculation, it uses 1.2345.

What do you mean by Relative Referencing?: Calling cells by just their column and row labels such as “A1” is called relative referencing, if a formula containing relative referencing is copied form one cell to another, Excel changes cell addresses relative to the new cell address.

Describe Absolute Referencing: Calling cells by column and row labels along with “$” such as “$A1” is called absolute referencing. If a formula containing relative referencing is copied form one cell to another, Excel does not change cell addresses.

Differentiate between absolute and relative references: If a formula containing relative referencing is copied from one cell to another, Excel changes cell addresses relative to the new cell address. If a formula containing absolute referencing is copied from one cell to another, Excel does not change cell addresses.

Define formula in Excel: Formulas are the instructions that perform calculation on the sheet. A formula begins with an equal sign (=) followed by one or more values to calculate.

Write the formula for calculating the average of cells B2 and B3: The formula is = (B2+B3)/2

Write a function that totals cells A1 through A5: =sum(A1:A5)

Why are parentheses important in formulas?: The expressions inside parentheses are preformed before the other expressions. Parentheses are used to change the predefined operator precedence.

Define functions in Excel?: Functions are the built-in formulas that are used to perform complicated calculation. Functions are an efficient way of performing mathematical operations.

Define function arguments: Arguments are the values that are given to a function for calculations. Arguments are written in parenthesis after function name.

Distinguish between formulas and functions: Formula is a mathematical expression given by user to perform some calculations. Functions are predefined formulas for complicated calculations. Fruitions are more efficient than formulas. But formulas are more flexible.

Write different ways to enter cell addresses and ranges in a formula: The user can type, point or use the insert function dialog box to enter cell addresses and ranges in a formula.

List any five function of Spreadsheet: Some important functions Excel are Countif. Concatenate, Average, Max. and Min.

What are nested functions in Spreadsheet: A function within a function is called nested function. In this case, the inner function is executed before the outer function.

State the purpose of spreadsheet Charts: Charts are used to present data in a visual format. Data is entered in worksheet before creating a chart.

What do you understand by named ranges?: Named ranges are the names that are defined to represent a cell or cell range on a worksheet. Range names cam further be used in formulas instead of cell addresses or ranges. They also make it easier to use, maintain and understand the formula in the worksheet.

Differentiate between active cell and passive cell: Active cell is the cell in which data is entered or edited at a given time. A cell must be activated before entering data. A cell that is not currently selected is called passive cell. The data cannot be inserted or deleted in a passive cell.

Compare word processor and spreadsheet: Word processor is a type of application that provides the facility to create and edit documents. Spreadsheet is a type of application that provides the facility of calculations. Data in word processor is inserted in documents. Data in spreadsheet is worksheets.

Differentiate between worksheet and workbook: Worksheet is a place where the user enters all data. It consists of columns and rows. There are 256 columns and 65536 rows in a worksheet. A worksheet is a group of worksheets which are saved as one file. Each workbook in Excel contains 3 worksheets by default.

What is 3D sheet?: Early spreadsheet programs provided only one worksheet at a time. The workbook could contain just one worksheet. The new spreadsheets are called 3D worksheet. A 3D worksheet is like a pad of worksheets. It is due to this feature that data in one worksheet can be used in the calculations of another worksheet of same or different workbook.