1. what is MS Access?: Microsoft Access is one of the most popular and powerful DBMS. It provides various built-in features. these features help the user to construct database and view information.

2. State the use of MS Access: Microsoft Access is used to store and process a large amount of information. It is used to create queries, forms and reports easily. it allows entering, updating and reporting information.

3. Define IDE.

IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment. it is a collection of facilities provided to the users. It is used to create databases and database applications. An IDE simplifies the tasks of creating and using a database.

4. List some advantages of IDE.

  •  It is easy to use.
  • It simplifies the creation of database applications.
  • It does not require a detailed knowledge of databases.
  • It provides predefined facilities to search, sort, retrieve and process data in databases.

5. List some disadvantages of IDE.

  • IDE uses graphical interface. It requires more memory and processing power.
  • Some IDEs do not allow users to interact with the databases directly.

6. Write some advantages of using MS Access IDE.

MS Access IDE provides samples databases., wizards and keys to understand structure. It is integrated with other applications of MS Office. It provides easier programming facility. There is no redundancy in MS Access.

7. Define the term RDBMS.

RDBMS stands for relational database management system. It is a collection of programs that creates and maintains a relational database. A database in which data is stored in relations is called relational database.

8. List soem facilities provided by a good RDBMS.

  • Data security
  • Data integrity
  • Easy access
  • Backup and recovery etc.

9. What is database wizard?

A database wizard is a set of steps that guides the user to create a database easily. It includes choosing a database template, selecting fields, making customizations, adding pictures and the database.

10. Write advantage and disadvantage of using database wizard.

The advantage is that it creates the database very quickly and easily. The disadvantage is that the user may have to make changes in the database that is created using wizard.

11. Describe application window of MS Access.

MS Access Application window follows standard layout of all Microsoft applications. It contains different object that are used to design and create databases.

12. Name different parts of MS Access application window.

Different parts of application window include title bar, menu bar, toolbars, menus, scroll bars and status bar.

13. Describe menu bar.

Each word on menu bar represents a different menu. Each menu contains commands to activate the features of MS Access. If a command also appears on toolbar, the icon representing the command is also displayed in menu. It makes recognizing commands easier.

14. what is the use of database window in MS Access?

Database window in MS Access is used to organize all objects in database. The default table listing is used to displays all tables in current database. It is also used to create tables.

15. List different buttons available on Access database window.

Different buttons available on Access database window are Tables, Queries, Forms, Reports, Pages, Macros and Modules.

16. How is Database window used to easily create or open database objects?

Database window contains an object bar to display different database objects. It also contains a toolbar to select the object to be used. The user can select the object and then click Open or Design button or click New button to create a new object.