The organization obtaining the data is responsible for the security of data and will be liable to prosecution for the lapses in the security of data and updating it improperly.

You can use Internet to connect to a network in any part of the world and see any data on that network. Today many organizations heavily depend upon fast computer processing and if someone enters into their network and make it unavailable, the working of the entire organization will halt.

Security of data

Fig 6.2 Data Security

Store Data

Many organization store data of their customers online for providing fast services. For example a credit card company may put data of its customers online. A bank providing online services will be using online data storage for the records. A university may provide the facility of viewing results online.

People take online exams like GRE, GUAT etc. As it is clear from the above examples, some really sensitive data is available online. All it is clear advances in data manipulation have given birth to a new issue known as Data organization may suffer irrepairble losses ultimately.

It is obvious from the above discussion that the security of data is necessary for the existence of many organizations and for all kinds of online services. To understand the process of making the data secure, let us first see in what ways the data can be misused if not secured properly. In recent years, the computer technology has become available to every body at a very cheap cost. Also specialized software packages are producing all kind of solution at a very low price.

Store Data

Computer in All Fields of Life

The result of all the advancement in the technology and its affordability has made it possible to use computer in all fields of life. For example, computers are being used to monitor weather conditions, to monitor defense projects in controlling sensitive process like controlling atomic reactors etc.

Business people are using computers for performing calculations, keeping records of employees, recording the customers transactions and provide them better services throughout the country or world. Hospitals are keeping patient record, sorted and updated by using different criteria. Schools and Universities are keeping all records of students, examination, accounts, libraries etc on a computer to provide instantaneous access of data to administrators and the students. You name any field of life and computers are there to be used, to efficiently process data accordingly.

Internet has Connected Millions

Internet has connected millions of computers and people together and it has made possible the e-commerce, m-commerce etc. Now you can purchase books, clothes, and all kind of stuff online, by using credit cards. In today’s world, online markets are available for all kind of shopping like software, hardware, electronics, medical equipment etc.

In today’s world, many networks are connected together and are sharing all kinds of information amongst the users, using email, SMS and other programs for instantaneous communication across the world.