I have a suggestion about new company website that we should start it before deciding the final template. We should start it on default template of wordpress which wordpress provides by default. We should call it beta version of our website. It’s the way things go on internet, I mean the beta version thing.  I suggest that we should assign a great template latter after a long journey of selection and hits and trails.


Why I suggest so, I have sufficient reasons to my suggestion.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes first for a popular/successful website and not the design.
  2. Contents will be cached with earlier dates if we launch our website as soon as possible.
  3. Our rank in www.alexa.com counts the dates only and not the template.
  4. Default template of wordpress has been written in html5, so we have no need to worry about the places and spaces of the contents.
  5. Our magazine page will be on its way for expanding the visitors’ volume on daily basis updates and news.
  6. Comments of visitors, enquiry emails and contacts will lead us to right things and great decisions if we have running website already.
  7. Google search engine will consider our contents, pages and tags and our time to come on the first page of google will be reduced.
  8. Login member will start collecting emails of registered members and when we’ll launch the site we’ll be able to send welcome emails to our members in big volume.
  9. We’ll call it beta version of our website and visitors will automatically know that we are soon going to launch a wonderful website.
  10. If we put contents, images, videos, tags or anything onto our website. We must concentrate on the visit volume and all engine care about the time of publishing contents onto websites or blogs.
  11. And the most important thing is that we’ll be able to decide the right things about our final design due to our pages, tags, posts, related or popular posts, videos, and all other stuff. Thus we’ll decide design according to the needs of our company and programs.
  12. Even there are times when we need to purchase some plugin or API key etc we’ll be clear what we need to do, what we should do because the comments, enquiry emails and contacts will tell us the direction. It’s the way things go on.
  13. Designs vary with the time; they need to be upgraded every year. How can we leave a very good design if we have one after a good one? There is always a room at the top.
  14. Our experience of the company website will start with effect from the date of first post. If we wait for a good design and put it onto website, our experience of Company website will start from the date we put the final design. Thus we’ll have to change our moods according the visitors and upgrades again. Experience should be started before the final thing.

I strongly recommend starting our website’s beta version in full swing before the final decision about design.  We should consider the benefits instead of the first impression. We should consider the SEO instead of design. We should consider the promotion of our business instead of look of website. There are unlimited sources on internet we need to start with website but we are hanged up with the design and still we are far away from availing all of those resources to promote and make popular our website.