MS Access table wizard provides an easy way to create tables. It provides various table templates to create business and personal tables. The wizard helps the user to create common types of tables to manage mailing lists, recipes, investments and videos collection etc.

Create a Table using Table Wizard

The following procedure is used to create a table using table wizard:

  1. Open Database window.
  2. Click Tables tablesin objects bar.
  3. Double click Create table by using wizard. The Table Wizard will start.

ms access table wizard

The sample tables included with Access are grouped into two categories of Business and Personal.

  1. Select appropriate category and type of table to be created.
  2. Select appropriate fields for the table. The four video controls are used to perform the Following operations:
Button Description
It moves the highlighted field into Fields in my new table list box.
>>  It moves all fields into the Fields in my new table list box
It moves a selected field into the Sample Fields list box.
<<  It moves all fields into the Sample Fields list box.


  1. Select the field to rename.
  2. Click on Rename Field button. The Rename Field dialog box will appear as follows
  3. Enter new name of the field and click OK.
  4. Select the appropriate fields and click Next >.
  5. The default name of table is the name of first sample table. It can be changed.
  6. The wizard also asks to select a primary key for the table.
  7. Click Next >.

table wizard


  1. The final screen of wizard offers the choice to modify table design, enter data in table in datasheet view or create a form to use to enter data.
  2. The user can also choose to display an appropriate help topic that gives advice on entering and modifying data.
  3. Select any options.
  4. Click Finish.