Joomla provide you a lot of content for publishing on your website. Joomla enables your website for searching, feed and printable homepage setting and its language application. The Joomla basically deals with the site content management. At first the user thinks about where I can download Joomla then its installation and process how to use Joomla.

There are learning tutorial about all of these problems. You can find their solution by searching them in search engine. You will find several results in the short period of time. There are also video tutorial for the convenience of learner.

The beginners think it hard Joomla how to use. The free Joomla tutorial for beginner will be helpful for this act. You will have seen about many sites which are under the Joomla application, taking help by them you can also build your own Joomla templates. There are also Joomla templates basics which give you idea about how to use it. You will be aware of building website through Notepad but it is easy and cheap way. Through Joomla you can get access to the every application of the website and can do also what you think in your mind. You can understand the Joomla basic concept by watching this video.