This tutorial refers to mathematical term, “differentiation”. The differentiation is just like a derivative and it is used much more in calculus. Derivative shows actually changes in the function and because of this change how the input changes happen.

Similarly the derivative is sometime linked with Physics term because of changing in position. Whereas in Physics, the changing in position of the object is denoted by velocity. The simple derivative or differentiation of any function is called linear probability. For example the single values function will be demonstrated into staright line.

On the other hand the tangent line will show you about slope of the curve which expresses very big changes in the function values. In this way the finding process of derivative is called differentiation.on the other hand, the opposite condition is known as Indifferentiation. Here it is known as another term of calculus which is called Integration. So in this way there are two main categories for functions i.e.

Introduction-DifferentiationDifferentiation and Integration. In the expression of derivative, the cartesian plane is used because eof coordinate system. There are two coordinate using in derivative process,denoted by X and Y. The formar is considered as independent input while the Y is assumed as dependent input.

So the changing rate in one coordinate is directly proportionto the other. This process of changing rate in both coordinates is called derivative. In this video different examples of function is given to make you easy in learning this concept of differentiation.