My dream about Pakistan

Information Technology and Development

  1. Introduction
  2. 21st century and IT
  3. What is second life
  4. Computer languages are changing world
  5. Pakistan needs development in IT field
  6. Steps should be taken
  7. Conclusion


Information technology is the voice of today. People are throwing their children into mass communication field as a fashion of the age and as well as the need.

In this essay I am going to present some information cum suggestions for the development of information technology in Pakistan because without taking evolutionary steps in this field we’ll be trodden under the feet of other world and civilizations.

21 century and IT:

Information Technology and Development

This is twenty first century. It’s called the era of computer and information technology. Machines are going to be controlled by computers in very near future. Maybe there will a day when all additional jobs of a human made by robots controlled by computer. So what’s the issue here? We are living in Stone Age still. We are the nation who was the most advance nation of the time in our past but now we are just heaps of unnecessary burdens.

If we want to live like a living human we must adopt the development which has been made in information technology in previous decades.

This is twenty first century and countries are fighting a war by in the battle field of media. On the other hand media is totally controlled by information technology and mass communicational developments of the world, so why we are late in taking a step toward this very real and necessary need of the nation.

What is second life?

Second life is our second life on internet. It means that all humans live 2 lives that are advanced and use internet on daily basis. They will be a member of that society which is being developed in next few years.

Yes! Second life is another world, where you go, live, walk, fly, talk, communicate, inhabit, enjoy and do what so ever you usually do in your first life. In second life you have an avatar of your own and he does everything which you do, but there you are in your second life. A virtual world of your second life is almost perfect there. You do businesses online, you participate in events, and you teach your students. But Alas! We don’t know what is the second of prepared by information technology for us.

Computer languages are changing the world:

Computer is based on binary numbers. It’s only 1 and 0. It means that computer uses only 1 and 0 for understanding the languages of the world. What a strange thing is this? Because if all languages of the world are being changed into binary system and we are no more bounded to very specific boundaries of our national languages and mother tongues, then definitely we are stepping ahead towards human unity.

In addition it will change all other systems of numbers like decimal into binary and math will be no matter at all for the humanity. Everything will solved by computer in a blink of an eye.

Pakistan needs development in IT field:

Pakistan is the country of 17000000 people who are living their lives like a crowd. No proper education system, no development in any of the modern fields. Pakistan needs evolutionary steps to be taken in IT and computer field because if it don’t do so, it’s going to be trodden under the feet of more evolved human races than Pakistanis are.

Actually Quran says,

“We change the nations with other nations if we don’t want them more”

It is indispensible for Pakistan to get progress in IT field because private institutes are more, more advanced then government institutes of mass communication. Virtual university is the junk of bullshit and producing useless untaught MITs and MCSs. They even don’t know how to operate windows so government should be interested in very essence of the progress of real development in IT field.

Steps should be taken:

In my point of view the following steps should be taken,

  1. Close virtual university forever and don’t give it single penny to them more.
  2. Educate the common school teacher with real and true refresher courses of using computer and ask them to teach with the help of computer to their students.
  3. Renovate the labs of all schools and colleges and bring true and honest computer engineer there instead of employing those passive and duffer IT in-charges who have been being appointed under the political pressures in all education institutes.
  4. Renovate the poly technical colleges and get rid of those fat, useless, greedy, professionals who start their private institutes and hostels for capturing the children of innocent citizens.
  5. Held seminars and tell people to think about this very necessary progress in human’s world.
  6. Purchase all software with money and do not use the pirated versions of great software like window in your government offices, do not be a thief.


Here is the conclusion. I gave examples, arguments, suggestions and much information in this essay. My only and single goal is to achieve true progress in Information Technology field of our country. I am sure that if one of my suggestions worked, there is no way to our failure then. Pakistan is a great country having great intellectual level and still being a poor and criminal in the eyes of the lords of west should not be more pessimistic.