Information Networks – Short Questions

Name and describe the functions of OSI layer 5.

OSI Layer 5 is the OSI presentation layer. The session layer establishes, manages, and terminates user connections. A session is an exchange of message between computers. It synchronizes user tasks.

Name and describe the functions of OSI layer 6.

OSI Layer 6 is the OSI presentation layer. The presentation layer performs data reformation, data compression and encryption. It is concerned with how data is converted and formatted for data transfer. Examples of format conversions include ASCII text for documents and .gif and .jpg for images.

What is the purpose of application layer?

The application layer is the top-most layer of OSI model. It provides services directly to user applications. It enables the user to access the network. It provides user interfaces and support for services such as email, remote file access and transfer, shares database management, and other types of distributes information services.

Information Networks – Short Questions Part 5

What do application layer standards govern?

Application layer standards govern how tow application work with each other if they are from different vendors.

Is the internet a signal network?

The internet is not a signal network. Rather, it consists of tens of thousands of network around the world.

What is hosts on the internet?

The computers connected to the to internet are called hosts.

Differentiate between the internet and web?

The internet is the physical connection of millions of networks. The Web uses the internet for its existence. The Web consists of hypertext embedded on Web pages that are hosted on Web sites.

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Define internet.

Internet is a private and secure business network.  It uses internet technology to provide provide information to the employees of the organization. The information can be protected from unauthorized users.

Define Extranet

Extranet is a collection of two or more intranets. Different organizations can use extranet to share the information of their intranets. An organization can apply security measures to provide limited access to the employees of other organization using the extranet.

Can intranets and extranets use the internet for transmission?

Yes, both intranets and extranets may use internet for transmission needs

Explain the difference between intranet and extranet.

Internet contains the information of one organization internet is used to provide information to the employees. Extranet may have the information of two or more organizations. Extranet is used to share information with other organizations

State the purpose of terminal emulation software.

Terminal emulation software is used to allow a personal computer to appear as a terminal in WAN. In this way, the personal computer can connect to a large computer.

Define host computer.

A large computer used to store web pages on the internet is known as host computer.