Information Networks – Short Questions

Define TCP/IP. :

TCP/IP stands for transmission control protocol/internet protocol.  This protocol is used to share and transfer data among different networks. This is the most commonly used protocol over the internet.

Describe communications software.

Communication software consists of programs used to establish connection to anther computer or network and manage the transmission of data, instructions and information.

Define www.

Www stands for World Wide Web. It is also called web. It provides the facility to publish information on internet. It is a collection of documents stored on computers permanently connected with internet around the world.

state the purpose of FTP.

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It is used on internet to send files from one place to another place. Video, audio, graphics and data files can be uploaded or downloaded using FTP.

Networks Short Questions

what is Gopher?

Gopher is an access and retrieval system. It covers wide range of information. It consists of reference material, magazine articles, government documents and speeches etc.

Which software application is used to navigate World Wide Web?

There software applications used to navigate World Wide Web is called web browser.

What do you know about OSI model?

OSI stands for Open System Interconnection. An Open System is a model that allows any tow systems to communicate even if their architectures are different. It covers all aspects of network communications. OSI model consists of seven layers. Each layer performs a specific function network communication.

List the seven layers of the OSI reference model.

The OSI reference model divides all communication functions into seven standardized layers. From highest to lowest these are: application, presentation, session, transport, network, data, link and physical.

Write the functions of physical layer of OSI model.

Physical layer is the bottom layer of OSI model. It transmits stream of bits and defines how the data is transmitted over the network and what control signal are used. Its main function is to control how a stream of bits is sent and received over the physical medium.


What is data link layer of OSI model?

Data Link Layer is responsible for reliability of the physical link established at layer 1. Framing, flow control, error control and access control are the functions of data link layer.


Write the functions of network layer.

The network layer is responsible for establishing, maintaining, and terminating network connections. It manages delivery of data from source to destination. It determines logical path between sender and receiver.

State the purpose of transport layer.

The transport layer controls the flow of data. It ensures that messages are delivered error free. It divides large message into small packets for efficient transmission. These errors in transmission, the data are retransmitted.

What errors does the transport layer usually fix?

The transport layer usually fixes all errors created at the transport layer or lower layers.

Distinguish between frames and packets.

Frames are messages in single network. Packets are messages that are sent through the internet. In each network, the packet is carried in a frame limited to the network.

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