Information Networks – Short Questions

Write the names of different LAN protocols.

Different LAN protocols are Ethernet, token ring and ARC net.

Ethernet is the use of Ethernet?

Ethernet is star topology. It is based but Ethernet network can be wired in star topology also. It is the most popular LAN because it is inexpensive and easy to install and manage.

What is the use of token ring?

Token ring is also a LAN technology. It allows network devices to access the network by passing a special signal called token.

What is ARC net?

ARC net stands for Attached Resource Computer Network. It is both a topology and networking technology. It uses tInformation Networks? Short Questions

Wisted-pair or coaxial cable. Original Arc net protocol was slow. It became popular as it was inexpensive, reliable and easy setup and expand.

Explain wide area network (WAN).

WAN stands for wide area network. It refers to a network that covers a large area. Parts of the world that is not possible with LANs.

Write the most distinctive difference between LAN from WAN.

The most distinctive difference is the distance that is spanned by the network.

Compare LAN and WAN transmission speeds.

LAN transmission speeds are typically 19mbps to 100 mbps. In contrast, most wan covers a wide geographical area. It interconnects networks located at geographically distributed sites. Its transmission speed is lower than those for LANs and mans.

Short_Question_ComputerDifferentiate among LAN, MAN and WAN.

LANs use direct cabling, wireless radio or infrared signals to connect computers in a small area. MANs use high-speed fiber-optic lines to connect computers located at various places in a major urban region. WANs use long-distance transmission speed is lower than those for LANs and MANs. 

How does  CSMA/CD work?

It is a local area access method. It resolves contention between two or more stations by collision detection. If two stations transmit data at same time, both stop and generate a signal that collision has occurred. Each station waits for specified time and then retransmits.

Define CSMA/CS.

In this method, a node listens to the bus for a specified time before transmitting. It waits until the node has completed the transmission.

Define CSMA/CR

It allows multiple devices to talk at the same time. A protocol is used to determine the priority of a device.

Define TCP/IP

TCP/IP stands for transmission control protocol/internet protocol. This protocol is used to share and transfer data among different networks. This is the most commonly used protocol over the internet.

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