Internet is Useful

The basic understanding of a lay man about the internet is “what kind of information is available on the internet and how”. Before 1998, people used to think about internet as having only one specific segment i.e. the world wide web. But actually, the internet has many more components of immense utilization. Few of them are as given below:

  • World wide web(www): www is a collection of millions of uploading web pages/ web sites. It organizes the internet-related resources so that we can easily access the information available on the internet.
  • Electronic mail (e-mail):As defined earlier, it is the process of sending and receiving messages and files among the internet users.
  • Telnet: it is the software tool that allows one computer to connect to another computer and make use of the other computer’s information.
  • File transfer protocol (FTP): It is also an internet software tool for transferring files from one computer to another. The process of transferring a file from remote computer to our local computer is called downloading. The process of transferring a file from our own computer to the remote computer (on the internet) is called uploading.
  • Gopher: it is an access and retrieval system covering a wide range of information, from reference materials to magazine articles to government documents and speeches.
  • Intranet: an intranet is a privately owned, secure, business network based on internet technology, although not necessarily connected to the internet. The term “intranet” appeared when companies discovered that they could use internet technologies to make company-internal information available to all employees, no matter where the employees were located or what kind of hardware they were using; that they could still secure the information from unwanted access by outsiders; and that, along with these advantages, they could make the information available at the lowest possible.
  • Extranet: an “extranet” is two or more intranets connected in such a way that they enable collaboration among the companies that own the separate intranets. On an extranet each connected company usually makes some selected part of its intranet accessible to the employees of one or more other companies. For example, several companies might create an extranet to consolidate data gathering and share data, to jointly develop and share training programs and other material, or to coordinate project management for a common work project. On an extranet each company uses the security inherent in its own intranet to the keep employees of other companies from accessing information they do not need to see.

The collaborative business application is a powerful extranet tool cost.