computer can Simplify our Work – Computer is a machine that works according to the given instructions. It cannot think or decide by itself. It performs a variety of operations on given data and generates use information for the user. The use of computer can simplify our work.

 Reasons of Using Computers Simplify our Work

The main reasons of using computers in our daily life are as follows:

  1. Computers can work much faster than human beings.
  2. Computers never feel tired and do not require rest.
  3. Computers can perform those tasks, which are dangerous for human.
  4. Computers can store a large amount of information.
  5. Computers can retrieve the stored information very quickly.
  6. Computers never lose or misplace the stored information.
  7. Computers work with accuracy and consistency.

Explain some important benefits of using computers.

The benefits of using computers are as follows:


  1. Speed

Computer works at a very high speed. It can perform calculations in a fraction of a second. It can perform complex and complicated calculations very easily. It can recall the move an object around a computer screen very quickly.

  1. Consistency

It is difficult for human beings to repeat the same actions with same result. Computer can repeat the same actions consistently. It performs an activity similarly with some results every time.

  1. Precision

Computer works with extreme precision. It can detect minute differences that people cannot feel. For example, a computer can connect different parts of a vehicle with exact precision. It will generate an error if there is a slight difference in the joint.

  1. Reliability

Computer is a reliable machine. It strictly follows the given instructions without any variation. It processes the data and generates the information with accuracy and consistency. We can relyon the result generated b the computer.