History of Internet: The work on Internet be started in 1960s during the cold war of Russia and America. America wanted to correspond with its Armed Forces. A network of four computers was developed in the beginning.


The project was handed over to DARPA (protection Advanced Research Project Agency).DARPA started connecting computer at different universities and protection companies.

Different universities and research associations also started the development of their networks to split information and data with other people. following a few years, all networks of universities and research organizations were connected by DARPA with each other to create the world’s biggest network. This system is now known as internet.

In 1989, every one previous network was replaced by NSFNET of national science foundation. The internet ability was now available to ordinary people.

Explains how internet can be useful. Or explain the services of internet?

Internet provides various facilities and uses for users. Some facilities are:

explain the services of internet

  1. World wide web(www)

WWW is a compilation of millions of websites. A website contains different web pages contain in sequence. Www systematizes this information in such an approach that users can easily explore and access the required information.

  1. Email

Email position for Electronic Mail. Email is the substitute of message and files by Internet.

Message can be in the form of graphics, sound, video clips or easy text. It is a quick way of sending message anywhere in the world in a very short time.

  1. Telnet

TELENET is a program that is second-hand to a remote computer on Internet. A computer can do something a like a terminal directly linked to the distant computer. It allows a user to get into to a computer. The user can logon to the computer and employ it as if he is connected to the computer honestly.

  1. FILES Transfer protocol

Files transmit Protocol is used to transfer files over the internet. Audio, video, graphics plus data files can be uploaded or downloaded by this protocol.

The procedure of transferring a file from distant computer to local computer is called downloading. The process of transferring a file from a local computer to distant computer is called uploading. Different software is presented to use this protocol intended for transferring files on the internet. Cute FTP and WS_FTP are examples of FTP software.

  1. Gopher

Gopher is a menu-based structure for exploring the internet and its reserve. It provides the facilities of search and file retrieval on the internet. It organizes resources in such a manner the finding information becomes easier on the internet.

  1. Chat Groups

Talking is a process of exchange view on the internet by typing wording message Chat group of users with related internet.

The user can internet with one another in real-time. It means that are online at the similar time.

  1. Internet

Internet is a confidential and safe business network. It uses internet technology provide information to the workers of the organizations can use extranet to share the in order of their intranets. As organization can apply security measures to provide limited access to the employees of other organization using the extranet.