Convert 60 GB of Memory into words?



Q. Define system and its components.


Number of bytes in one GB                         

Number of bytes in 60GB                              

Number of words in 4 bytes                   

Number of words in 60 GB                   

A system is a combination of different components that work with each other to perform specific tasks. Different procedures are used to perform different tasks in the system. A procedure is a set of steps performed in a regular and specified order to accomplish a task. For example, the registration of students is a procedure in an education system.

Components of System

Following are different components of an information system:

1. Hardware                     

2. Software                          

3. People / Users

4. Data / Information

5. Communication setup

Q. what is SDLC? Discuss its different phases.

what is SDLC?

SDLC stands for system development life cycle. It is a set of different setups that are performed to develop a system. It is an organized way of developing successful systems. It consists of different phases. These phases are as follows:

1. Preliminary investigation

2. System Analysis

3. System Design

4. System Coding

5. System Testing

6. System Implementation

7. System Maintenance

1. Preliminary Investigation

 Preliminary investigation is the first phase. In this phase, the system is investigated. The objective of this phase is to conduct an initial analysis and findings of system as follows;

.System identification

.System Scope

.Alternative Solutions

.Feasibility Study

.Preliminary Plan

2. System Analysis

In this phase, the current business system is studied in detail to find out how it works and how to improve it. The analyst conducts the following activities:

.Need Analysis

.Data Gathering

.Data Analysis

.Analysis Report



3. System Design

System design phase is used to design logical and physical model of new system. The system design states how new system will meet the requirement identified in analysis phase.

4. Coding

This phase consists of writing programs for the system. Single programmer or a team of programmers develops the system using different tools. This phase requires a lot of time, effort and budget to develop the complete system.

5. Testing

Complete testing of the system is very important. A system must be tested to detect and remove errors in it. The system is tested by giving sample data.

6. Implementation

Implementation consists of installing the hardware, software and files. A system can be implemented after it has been tested. It is also called system conversion. It can be performed in any of the following ways:

.Direct Implementation

.Parallel Implementation

.Phased Implementation

.Pilot Implementation

7. Maintenance


Maintenance is a process of checking the working of the system. It is very important to ensure that the system is fulfilling the objectives. Some measures may be taken to improve the system. Maintenance includes the following activities:

.Correcting the problems in the system

.Updating the system to fulfill new requirements

.Improving the working of the system etc.