The advanced word processors are called full-featured word processors. These word-processors provide additional features to format documents in more sophisticated ways. Following are some important features of an advanced word processor.


  1. File management.

An advanced word-processor contains file management capabilities. It can be used to create, delete, move and search files.

  1. Font specification

The appearance of text in the document is called font or typeface. Full-featured word processor can change the font of all or selected text to improve readability. Fonts are used to create the text of different styles and sizes. The user can specify bold, italic and underline.

  1. Graphics

Full-featured word processor is used to insert images and graphs in a document. Some word processors also provide the facility to create images. Some word processors only provide the facility to insert images created in different programs.

  1. Header, footer and page numbering

Full-featured word processor provides header and footer feature. Header is the text that is added to the top of every page. It may include document title or page number. Footer is the text that is added at the bottom of the every page.

  1. Spell checker

Spell checker features in full-featured word processor help the user to correct any spelling in the document. The misspelled words are highlighted.

  1. Layout

Full-featured word processor provides the facility to specify different margins within a single document. Is also specifies different methods for indenting paragraphs.

  1. Table of contents and indexes

Full-featured word processor can also generate a table of contents and index. It is based on special code inserted in the document. It is very helpful in writing books.

  1. Merges

It is used merge text from one file into another file. It is useful to generate many files that has same format but different data. Generating mailing labels is an example of merges.

  1. Thesaurus

Thesaurus feature provides the appropriate word or alternate words.

  1. Auto correct

Word processor automatically corrects many commonly misspelled words and punctuation marks with the autocorrect feature.

  1. Document window

Full-featured word processor can be used to edit two or more documents at the same time. Each document appears in a separate window. It is very useful if a user is working on a large project that consists of several files.

  1. Footnotes and cross-reference.

Full-featured word processor can generate footnotes at the bottom of the page. Footnotes are used to cross-reference other section of the document easily.


It stands for what you see is what you get. It means that the printed copy of the document will be similar as appears in the word processor.

  1. Macros

A macro is a character or word that represents a series of keystrokes. The keystrokes may represent text or commands. The macros are defined to save a lot of time for repeating the same task.

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