Data can be represented in different ways: different types of data are as follows:


Text data consists of words, sentences and paragraphs. Text processing refers to the ability to manipulate words, lines and pages. Text is normally stored as ASCII code without formatting.


Some examples of text data are Riaz Ameen, Pakistan, Islam etc.

Numeric data

Numeric data consists of numeric digits from numeric digits from 0 to 9. It may also contain decimal point “.”, plus sing “+” or negative sign “-“. The numeric type of data may either be positive or negative. The use of “+” with positive numbers is optional.


10, +5, -12, 13.7, -32.5 etc.

different Teype of data with examples


This type of data includes chart, graph, pictures and drawing. This form of data is more comprehensive. It can be transmitted as a set of bits. The bits are packed as bytes.


Sound is a representation of audio. Audio data includes music, speech or any type of sound.


Video is a set of full-motion images played at a high speed. Video is used to display actions and movements.

How to data represented in computer?

Computer works with binary numbers. Binary number may be 0 or 1. The data inside the computer is represented as electrical pulses. The binary digit 1 indicates the presence of electrical pulse. The binary digit 0 indicates the absence of electrical pulse.

Types of Data with Examples

The binary digit is known as bit. It is an abbreviation of binary digit. It is the smallest unit of memory. A collection of four bits is called nibble. A collection eight bits is called byte. One byte can store single character.