Discuss Different Types of Backup

Types of Backup There are two ways to take the backup of data. These are complete backup and incremental backup.

  1. Complete backup

Backup of all data n the hard disk is called complete backup. The advantage of this backup is that the entire hard disk is backed-up. The data can be restored from this backup in case of a problem in system. It takes more time and storage capacity because the entire data of hard disk is copied.

  1. Incremental backup

Incremental backup creates a copy of only the data that is newly created or modified since the last backup. This process is performed automatically in some software. In this type of backup, the entire disk is not copied. It takes less time and space than complete backup.

Incremental backup


Discuss different media used for data backup.

  1. Floppy disks

Floppy disks are used for taking backup of small quantities of data. This media is not very much reliable. Floppy disks are damaged in hot, humid and dusty conditions. It can store only 1.4 mega bytes of data. The size of data can be decreased by using compression software like WINZIP.

  1. Zip disk

Zip disk is similar to floppy disk. It is more reliable media. The storage capacity of a zip disk is normally 100 MB or 1000 MB. These are available with parallel port Interface of Universal Port (USB) interface.

  1. Magnetic tape

Magnetic tape is the most conventional and reliable media for backup. These are used for backing up several thousand million bytes of data. It is more expensive media. The data stored on this media cannot be accessed randomly.

  1. CD

CD is also an important and commonly used media for backup. This media is reliable and cheap. Data on some types of CD can be written again and again.