Computers industry in different types of systems. Robots are used to control many complex tasks. A robot is an automatic programmable machine. It moves and performs mechanical tasks. It is used in different applications. Some applications of robots are as follows:

  1. Assembling and spray-painting of cars.
  2. carrying out maintenance on overhead  power cables
  3. testing blood samples
  4. outer space experimental programs

Computer can be used in industry in the following ways:


  1. automated production systems

Many car factories are completely computerized. Cars are assembled by computer-controlled robots. These systems work quickly than human beings and becoming popular.

  1. Design systems

Many products are designed using CAD (computer aided design). Computer programs are used to design the model of a product on the computer. After the design is complete, the actual product is produced.

What is the use of computer-aided design (CAD)?

 Computer-aided design is used to display designs and build production models using woftware. It is also used to test these models.


The test is also used to test these models.

  1. Compile the parts and quantities lists
  2. Outline the procedures for production and assembling of the parts
  3. Transmit the final design directly to the machines

CAD is used in designing new cars, aircrafts, bridges and buildings. CAD systems require high-resolution monitors, input devices like mouse, keyboard, graphic tables and scanners. They also require output devices like printers and plotters. CAD systems can display 3-dimensional design of an object.

What is computer-aided manufacturing? Discuss its benefits.

Computer-Aided manufacturing


Computer-aided manufacturing is used to control all parts of manufacturing process. CAM software uses digital design output from CAD system. It uses that design to control the production machinery. In this system, computers control all steps of product manufacturing.


The benefits of using CAM systems to manufacture things are as follows:

  1. Product can be manufactured with accuracy
  2. The quality of all products is consistent
  3. Productions is much cheaper
  4. Product design can be modified easily
  5. A large number of items can be manufactured without any break
  6. It requires less number of persons for labor