1. Your websiteshttp://www.jinschools.com/ , http://www.jinspire.com/ , http://www.risdubai.com/

are not in the condition of being promoted by methods most commonly applied in SEO. First thing is to rebuild them. Where redoing of said websites will result in more speed and better server resources consumption, thus faster response, and SEO friendly pages.

2. Your websites should be on some sort of CMS so that (including your own staff) everyone can easily work on them without requiring external help.

3. The most SEO friendly CMS is wordpress having 12 percent of the world websites, we suggest you put the wordpress onto your websites first before starting any promotional campaigns.

4. Our best way of promoting the business of our client is to update the websites on daily basis with rich contents. We have very special SEO writers who are working day and night for us. Our cutest way and our specialty is that we add a top menu to the client’s websites which is “Magazine”. Our Website Updaters, update their contents with their own news and events thus a website gets larger and its contents expands on daily basis, that’s why the website grabs huge, real, organic traffics within maximum 3 months for showing a good rank on major search engines such as Google, Bing, yahoo! and AOL alongwith Alexa.

5. Our Facebook page creators create real and rich facebook pages for bits and pieces of our client’s business. For example if our client has a playground in his school our facebook page creators create a page on the “Playground of example school” with beautiful images and rich, fresh contents. Thus, those pages are given good weightage in major search engines and bring a huge traffic.

We have a list of 12030 free classified posting websites. They legally allow us to promote our client’s business on their website with new contents and not copied ones. So our content writers write new contents as well for those classified posting websites for our clients. Thus we get a large number of visitors from there.

7. We have a list of 10000 free online directories of web. We list the websites of our clients in there with new descriptions and titles. Thus we get a large numbers of visitors to our client’s websites.

8. We have a list of 1500 press release distribution websites that allows us to put our client’s business news and events there. Our content writers regularly write news and events and put them in those press release websites. Thus we grab a lot of traffic to our client’s websites.

9. We have list of 1024 networking and sharing websites like facebook and twitter. We create account on each of them for our client’s business and we update them regularly for expanding volume of friends, followers and likers for our client’s products. Thus we grab a lot of traffic onto our client’s websites.

10. We have 194 yahoo groups list and 200 google groups list, where our content writers discuss regularly for our client’s products. Thus we grab a lot of traffic to our client’s websites.


Roughly, we have around 25,000 valuable and good ranked websites we can get link-backs from by posting our content or getting a link listed (24/7). Which give a big boost to the the traffic of client’s website. This method sustains and gradually increases the rank and weightage of the website due to continuous new link-backs on new pages and updates. Plus, our active SEO and content updation in terms of passive SEO also does increase in traffic.

We will review your supplied web forums’ links and create campaigns accoridnly.

Modifications and amendments

Alongwith the rewamping of existing websites (Graphic design and code), we would suggest new elegant designs which will be (later) easily modifiable by your staff as it will be part of the CMS we mentioned above (i.e. wordpress). Any design changes (SEO & user friendly) that will be part of our proposal, will be approved by you first before we start integrating it into the system.

Options such as language switching, onsite calendar management, location map and Google map integration, onsite contact form (people feel comfortable using comparing copying just email address), integrated gallery management will be enhanced further (as your current system is based on some other gallery system which is pluged and may not be fully compatible with system, your current gallery system is not fully integrated with website and has alien layout with current headers and footers and color scheme), onsite media and video content publishing, and external news module is being used at your website and (too) has feel of external link but not current website news; which needs to be enhanced and brought onsite, and better security level will be implemented. As far newsletter, your website should have an onsite location to show previously sent-out newsletters in html format (which are also good for SEO). New fetures such as onsite timetable publishing and global announcements will be made much easier for your staff. Plus, there’s no module for recruitment, and users need to have sort of module they can use to upload their credentials, which will be part of our sites rewamp plan. We will also enhance the admission application form to make user comfortable filling in information in steps. And, our reviewers will write and bring better review results from web needed on review page. In-campus facilities and graphic content on page need to be re-placed and adjusted properly to look attractive.

While recreating the layout (integrated to engine) we will use latest technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3. And for the overall engine for the website and the CMS we are going to use will be php5 and MySQL 5 driven.

We would suggest use of an onsite Chat System (run by your staff) for parents and students, to send query and responded immediately rather than filling forms and waiting for reply of email message.