The process of creating and editing text documents is known as word processing. It also includes formatting and printing documents in different ways. Word processing is used by business organizations, government departments and individuals for creating different types of documents.

Word processing is one of the most common applications in computer. More than 90 percent people using personal computers also use word processing. Word processing is used for the following purposes:

Term “Word Processing”?

1. Preparing notes                                          2. Writing books

3. Writing letters                                              4. Designing resumes

5. Preparing newspapers, magazines & advertisements etc.

What is word processor? What are the advantages of word processing over typewriter?

Word processor is a type of application software. It provides useful tools for creating all kinds of text documents. Word processor can manipulate text. It can also be use d to add images, sounds, charts and graphics in documents. Word processors can also be used to create documents for publishing on the World Wide Web.

Advantages of word processor over typewriter

Word processing has many advantages over typewrite. These are as follows:

  1. A document can be changed without retyping the entire document.
  2. A typing mistake can be corrected easily.
  3. A paragraph can be deleted without any trace.
  4. It is easy to insert word, sentence or paragraph in the middle of a document.
  5. Word processors can move sections of text from one place to another easily.
  6. The text can be moved within a document or between different documents.
  7. The text can be duplicated easily without type it again.

What is simple word processor or text editor? Discuss its features.

A text editor is a simple word processor that is used to type and edit text. There are different types of word processors. Different word processors provide different facilities. A word processor that provides only basic features is called text editor. Word pad and notepad are examples of text editors.

Features of text editor

Some common features are as follows:

  1. Insert text

Text editor is used to insert text anywhere in the document.

  1. Delete text

Text editor is used to delete characters, words, lines or pages as easily.

  1. Cut and paste

Text editor provides the facility to move text from one place in a document and insert it somewhere else.

  1. Copy

Text editor is used to duplicate a section of text

  1. Page size and margin

Text editor is used to define various page sizes and margin. The text editor will automatically readjust the text so that it fits properly.

  1. Search and replace

Text editor is used to find a particular word or piece of text by using find command. The found word can be replaced by executing replace command.

  1. Word wrap

Word-wrap continues text on next line if it does not fit at the end of the current line.