Today we are starting with first lesson of AutoCAD. This is first introductory lesson and we will discuss basics of AutoCAD.There are a lot of ways working with in software user interface. In AutoCAD you can use tools icons displayed top section of AutoCAD or you can use menus according to your need.

In addition, you can use commandline.  People who work with AutoCAD commanline especially considered best AutoCAD users.For example, there is a Line Tool in AutoCAD. You have an icon of Line Tool at top left corner of AutoCAD workspace.

Working with Commandline

You can select Line tool by click on that icon. But we can select Line Tool by typing in commanline and we can use this tool by inputting different values in commandline.  We can specify first point by putting x, y co-ordinates values. After putting these values in commanline you will get a line in work space. This is a different and best way of drawing a line in AutoCAD.

We can draw a circle by selecting Circle tools icon from the top of AutoCAD work space as well. But you can select and draw circle using commandline. You select circle by putting capital C in commanline and then commandline ask you for specify center point for the circle.After specifying center point commandline ask you to specify x, y and z co-ordinates value for the circle. After specifying the radius AutoCAD will draw circle for you in AutoCAD work space.

So, this is first video tutorial which covers all things about commanline. We prefer the way of using commanline for any single work in AutoCAD. In the next lesson, we will discuss other basic features of AutoCAD.